An unforgettable stay in a fabulous Monaco

An unforgettable stay in a fabulous Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, well located in a turn of the Cote d'Azur resorts, is an example of a carefree existence and heavenly life for millions of people. Really, in this tiny European country life is more like a colorful tale, Hollywood director to film, than the reality of our world.

To 30 thousands of indigenous people, officially a citizen of Monaco, created incredibly comfortable living conditions. Prince of Monaco does not require his subjects with taxes. Yes, they do not need the state: the lion's share of the revenue the government receives from the tourism industry. Every year around 3 million visitors come to vacation in Monaco, to have some fun at his memorable resorts and visit the legendary gambling houses Monte Carlo and his gorgeous jewelry stores with shining diamonds showcases. they say, that the prices of real estate and things here are the highest in Europe.

Отдых в Монако трудно даже с натяжкой назвать дешевым удовольствием. Эти места более полувека назад облюбовали голливудские звезды, европейские и американские знаменитости, who did not hesitate to spend in the casino and restaurants of huge amounts of. Its current popularity in the elite circles of Monaco Prince Rainier III obliged and his charming wife - актрисе Грейс Келли. Звездно-венценосная пара решила превратить княжество в центр современной культуры и самый дорогой курорт Европы. Эта задача, надо признаться, удалась им на славу.

But no one tourism and gambling business earns Monaco. To the surprise of, are developed and high-tech production of electronic, pharmaceutical and construction sectors. In the vicinity of the Monte Carlo step is carried out world-famous racing series "Formula 1". At the Monaco Grand Prix gathers a huge number of world celebrities and tourists.

Dessert for today - highlights holiday in Monaco. Expensive and tasteful.

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  1. Silentium

    Довелось побывать в Монако. Really, впечатления самые положительные! В таком мизерном государстве столько интересного и красивого можно увидеть.


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