wedding trip to Bora Bora

Pearl Lagoon of Bora Bora

Gorgeous Pearl Lagoon gave its name to the island of Bora Bora. This extraordinary beauty of mountain, by the way, the highest mountain, which is located in Bora Bora - Otemanu has a height 727 meters. Around the main island of the small islands spread - motu. At one of these islands an airport.

Many interesting things can be seen, going for a walk around the island by car - ancient temples marae, majestic mountains, original local village. The starting point of tours around the island - Vaitape berth. From here you go to the North Cape, the village Faantui, in which they lived chiefs. In these places remained a large number of Polynesian Marais.

The road runs through the naval base, which was built by the U.S. military during the war with Japan. Today, the base remained only ruins. Road, surrounded on two sides by coconut palm trees, will lead you to the southern part of the island, where the lagoon stretches of extraordinary beauty with beaches.

A trip by car on the steep slopes of the mountains of the rainforest, bewitching singing strange birds and warm sun - is an unforgettable island of Bora Bora. And I forgot to say our trip is our goal wedding trip to Bora Bora - This is a unique opportunity for secluded relaxation amid the tropical nature.

Topics, who wants to learn the local customs and ethnic cuisine, You can go for a picnic on one of the islands - motu.

Dessert for today - a lagoon island of Bora Bora

4 thoughts on “Pearl Lagoon of Bora Bora

  1. Elekoshka

    Laguna incredible beauty! How beautiful our planet. The island of Bora Bora Pearl just. What a great music video.

  2. Amendulla

    watched videos and much gasped…insanely beautiful,I immediately wanted to lie on the bank and pozagorat.Vot we planned a wedding in the spring,also planned drove off somewhere for a honeymoon,maybe we should still give up on Bora Bora?)has attracted my attention thence village,They were interested in some ancient customs and ancient ruins…but I think the young man will like the naval base)

  3. Ludmila

    Как хорошо, что можно и покупаться и на машине съездить на прогулку, увидеть много интересного.

  4. Nikolai

    Острова Бара-Бора это чудо, которое надо пережить хотя бы раз.


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