Place for the winter holidays or where to winter vacation

Throughout the winter popular tourist tours to ski resorts France, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Austria, Norway and other.

OAЭ, Israel and the Canary Islands can offer tourists a comfortable lounge on the beach. In addition to a beach holiday, You will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing adventures.

Scandinavia beckons to lovers of beautiful winter landscapes. South America will suit those, who want to combine a holiday and satisfy their craving for historical knowledge.

Each month of winter has its own characteristics and possibilities for holidaymakers. In this article you will learn, where to rest January.

January - the Christmas holidays and vacations. therefore, particularly popular among tourists are the Americas and Europe.

On the question:where to go for a vacation in the winter, can be answered, In January nice to visit, as exotic countries, and European, as well as countries in North America.

In Europe, the first Catholics in the January Sunday celebrate Epiphany (Епифанию), which is accompanied by a theatrical performance, carnival procession and folk festivals. Of particular interest this event is taking place in Spain and Italy.

In the Austrian town of Filzmoos in early January, a festival of balloons, followed by a concert, noisy folk festivals and fun fairs.

If you go to London, you will be able to watch one of the largest boat show.

Do you want to touch the Viking Age, you need to go to Scotland, the city of Lerwick, at the Fire Festival.

If you find yourself at the end of January in Berlin, be sure to use the right of the first "Night of Museums", in which you can visit the many museums at the lowest ticket price.

In the United Arab Emirates, in the second half of January and mid-February, Dubai Shopping Festival is held.

Enjoy your holiday!

Dessert for today - video hockey on a mountain lake

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