Holidays in the Maldives

Russian tour operators have gone on record drop in prices in the last days of the year on holiday in the Maldives. Low prices hold out throughout the period of the New Year holidays. Such concessions operators are explained by the large number of free vouchers in total reducing the demand for them - all, who planned to stay abroad, have bought tours in advance. Holidays in the Maldives, which could only dream of, is now available to almost everyone.

Why the Maldives? The answer is simple: Only here you can enjoy the unique beauty of the atolls of the Indian Ocean, all the benefits of a beach holiday, excellent service. But that's not the point. The Maldives should definitely go for everyone to learn diving.

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This is an extremely exciting experience, and thanks to the skill of the local diving instructor, also completely safe. Diving School is unique. You can see a variety of types of seabed, vegetation, the deep ocean dwellers; but thanks to underwater photography and filming your impressions remain for years to come. Hurry to take advantage of a rare opportunity to have an excellent rest of the Maldives without much damage to your wallet.

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  1. marusia_85

    I always wanted to go there. Here and gone. I loved the tour, stories about the island and its history. But is all this I enjoyed a period of five days, then bored at home. But my dream has come true, and indeed it is now virtually everyone can afford.


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