Domikina - paradise for tourists!

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic - one of the biggest islands in the Caribbean Sea. This is the best place to stay and a paradise for tourists - white sand, warm gentle sea, exotic plants and animals, Hundreds of types of entertainment and tourism. Holidays in the Dominican Republic is considered to be an elite, because service in hotels and service of the staff thought the Summit. Weather here exclusively tropical - hot season gives way to the season strong tropical rains, this usually occurs in late summer to mid autumn. Tourists are not recommended at this time to come here.

A few popular places in the Dominican Republic, where tourists love to visit often. Манати-Парк. Eighty thousand square meters is the most favorite tourist park. It has everything - Attractions, entertainment, the opportunity to swim with dolphins and look at their performances, extensive arboretum with more than a thousand species of plants and animals.

South Park Period. The place got the name because, it is here that the legendary film shooting. And indeed on Monte de Torres another world and another era, Although dinosaurs are long gone. But here's the ferns, that existed in this era there is still.

For dessert - видео отдыха в Доминикане = 2IOmWZWuShE

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  1. Alice

    I want to be here in this corner of paradise, to around almost no people, Only close family and! It's time to fly to Dominican Republic.


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