Relax on the new 2012 Year

Relax on the new 2014 Year

It's hard to find a man, that would be totally indifferent to the New Year. Is that, If his past 1 Jan. Santa Claus did not gave the welcome. But for the rest of the New Year - this is light and anticipated holiday, that can become something more, rather than banal Olivier salad plates, sparkling wine by the glass, and the president's speech on TV. No, it's all part of the glorious tradition, but is it New Year's holidays - not a perfect chance to break out (weekend, they will be almost all)? Wherein, it is not a restaurant in your same city or some nightclub, and for travel abroad.

So you ask: and where to go for New Year and Christmas? Selection is actually a very large, as many tour operators specifically for the upcoming holidays have prepared a number of interesting proposals, able to meet the diversified demands of tourists. All, what to do, apart from the inevitable monetary costs, so is to determine the direction of, and where you will meet New 2014 Year. Naturally, account should be taken of the fact, in what format this trip will be; Yet the differences between the couple in love and a family with two kids is quite tangible.

Family Friendly perfect Finland, as it is the home of Santa Claus. Children's appreciate all the fun, which are provided for younger visitors. If you are interested in staying with ski resorts and toasts, go straight road to Europe, among which stand out at this time of year, Switzerland France. However, if the upcoming Year of the Dragon wants to meet in the warmth or even lying down in the outdoor pool, an expensive hotel, then from Egypt can not escape. However, the tour operators can pick and less popular destinations, that will be to your liking.

Dessert for today - video, SHeregesh 2012

3 thoughts on “Relax on the new 2014 Year

  1. Sergei

    New Year – it's still a holiday, which should be carried out (more precisely to meet) in the circle of relatives and close friends. After all, you do not know, when even get a chance to get together a large and happy family!

  2. Lina

    The time has come to think about it, but for me it's a family holiday, you want to celebrate at home, well then it is possible and on a journey.

  3. deer

    New Year is, of course, family celebration. But you can celebrate the New Year with family, and then leave for a week to relax, For example, in Prague or Paris. And think about this need to now, To book a not very expensive tickets.


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