For wildlife enthusiasts Bay Seven Spirits

For nature lovers a great place to travel - Australia. Beautiful nature reserve is located in the northern part of Australia. Thousands of acres of mangroves and pristine bush, jungle, surrounded by clear waters and deserted beaches.

In these places for more than fifty thousand years stay aboriginal tribes, to maintain its way of life. Aboriginal people rent out their land to rent Province, in this territory stretched National Park Gurig. Prior to this most beautiful corner of the earth can only be reached by plane. Local guides organize fishing trips for holidaymakers, bushwalking, trip to the coast.

The living conditions for the guests as close as possible to the Aboriginal life - all made from natural materials, ranging from household utensils and clothes to homes. The extraordinary beauty of the Australian nature reserve has an unusual name - Bay of the Seven Spirits. This name is left of Aboriginal, who worship the spirits, and these seven spirits - lightning, thunder, rain, greens, hurricane, fire and cloudless blue.

A trip to the Gulf can not be attributed to cheap travel, but here you can find untouched nature. Travelers in October or April, will guard the sky Spirit, as it is dry and cloudless season.

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  1. Helen

    Было бы здорово отправиться в такое путешествие, окунуться в дикий, первобытный мир, подальше от привычной цивилизации.


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