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Not long ago I visited Korea, namely the demilitarized zone, which is considered the boundary between the two republics. It was in the days of my stay in this country died DPRK leader - Kim Jong-il. The people themselves consider it a life-changing event, since no one knows, way of life now turn. On the part of the East Sea in the province of Gangwon-do exist observation deck called the "Union". Once it, you can be on the border of two worlds. The indescribable beauty of the magnificent mountain scenery, sun and frost make you forget about everything and enjoy the exclusive nature. Standing on the balcony vantage point, hard to imagine, not far from this beautiful place is an entirely different world, who lives by the Juche idea. Yesterday, its inhabitants have lost their leader, interestingly, how much they worry about? In fact, the Republic of Korea has a very beautiful nature, which is wildly disfigured by barbed wire and concrete bunkers. Maybe someday, this beauty is in the form of the Diamond Mountains, East Sea and gentle beaches turn into a national park or a wonderful resort and will please people, but not separate them. It is believed, Kim Jong Il took with him the entire era. Today, in the political arena at all the other leaders, That, as we use the Internet and iPhones. The son of the former leader was in Europe, therefore understands and accepts the modern world and its fashion. It is clear, that the currently existing elite of North Korea will not allow him to carry out revolutionary reforms, but people hope, that in a few years to replace the old party nomenclature come young officials, and life in the country will become less orthodox. Interesting also the position of China. It can be called a major donor of North Korea's economy. If North Korea does not go to the Chinese economic reform model, the country will be very difficult to survive in the modern world. The DMZ is considered a symbol of the tragedy of a divided North and South Korea. In 1953 , the two opposing forces signed a ceasefire agreement, since there is a section between North Korea and China. Zone extends from the river to the port Imchzhingan Koson in Gangwon-do. Its width 4 kilometers. Access to the area is closed to both sides, so it is considered a neutral. This man has never trod more 50 Years. Today it is a regular reserve, which preserved a beautiful wilderness. Tourists can visit his, for, to learn about the tragic events of the Korean War. In the DMZ there are huge tunnels, They could even have a drive-through tanks. But when they found the South Korean army, I immediately blocked. Along the zone built several monitoring stations, from which you can look at North Korea. In the same place, there are museums, they will talk about the life of North Korea and the war 1950-1953 years.

For dessert - видео о Северной Корее http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj8wy6vDvBA

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  1. Homer

    Hello! I, honestly, it has long formed opinion about North Korea, in particular, their incorruptible and unforgettable Chiefs. But! The leaders come and go, and people, ethnos, culture remain. There is a certain charm that, how Koreans (Yes, properly, not only are they, but most Asians) kind to their traditions, their culture. Hopefully, that the mind still prevail and Korea will cease to divide his men to children and stepchildren.


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