Communication facilities abroad

Communication facilities abroad

Free Wi-Fi is not always rescues, then the signal is weak or it does not. What to do, if access to the global network needed immediately, what are the means of communication can be used abroad? Then come to the aid of the mobile Internet! Due to high competition and a large selection of operators, price is getting lower and lower. But it is necessary to know and some of the subtleties.

A friend of mine loves to travel, but at the same time every time, when she leaves the house, beginning to weigh on her paranoid thoughts: Do not forgot to turn off the iron, if the door is closed, taken if the tickets. All the way from home to destinations within her raging storm of fear and panic, and as soon as the plane lands, she immediately pulls out a cell phone and disables the transmission of data. Do you know why? To all previous experiences have not added the bill for Internet use.

But we are all so accustomed to unlimited mobile internet, without it somehow becomes uncomfortable. Go to the social network, sit in ICQ, Skype, well as without it? What, If the hotel is not Wi-Fi? Or did you get lost in an unfamiliar area, and the Google Maps application, and will lead you on a familiar road. But even small children know, Outside of that the Internet - a luxury.

One day my friend and I went for a vacation to Italy. Once unpacked stuff, immediately grabbed their laptops and ran into the first coffee house with free Wi-Fi. We have only three days of rest, therefore urgently needed to plan routes on the major sites of Rome, in time to see as much as possible. Currently writing in a notebook, the most interesting destinations we went to explore the city. But to act on the plan did not succeed, streets in the historic part of Rome is very narrow, flow into one another. The beauty of space, impressive monuments and tourists attracted to itself, so after half an hour we realized, getting lost. How did the minute we lacked Google release Navigator. Italian language we did not know, on the "international" English tried to ask something from passers-by, but it did not bring any results. Paper card and did was completely useless object. In search of a cafe with Wi-Fi, we stumbled upon our countrywoman, which has proved to unlimited Internet! Thanks to it, we made it safely to the hotel. It turned, that she had a phone card worth domestic operator - NL for roaming and for a small fee you can at least 24 hours a day to sit on the Internet!

Luckily we had a friend with the same operator, so after half an hour either by activating the "Unlimited Internet abroad". Using it in Europe, you can use its global network with a mobile phone for a small fee. And this is the most effective means of communication abroad at the moment.

The remaining two days we had great, firstly, do not get lost in the city, if that - Google Navigator we immediately saved, second - order, to read the interesting information about the architecture and museums, we do not have to frantically search for Wi-Fi, because now the internet has always been with us.

Week-end'a went to great! We took pictures with the famous "Lips of Truth", zagadыvali wish at the Trevi Fountain, looked at the work of street artists in Piazza Navona, vypel dozens of cups of delicious Italian coffee and immediately laid out the photos of these places, and events to Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to the Internet map we visited all the interesting sights of the city.

Here's a cautionary tale! If you are soon going on holiday abroad, note, if your phone is connected to the service and data roaming abroad. The site has a section for each operator "Roaming" read it all the offers and choose the most convenient for you. If you are the owner of the smartphone, The automatic update settings, programs, and applications must be turned off - it's in roaming can be expensive. Well, do not forget, что ICQ, Skype and other popular instant messengers consume traffic even in the background.

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