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Its cold winters and warm summers known country meadows and forests, Gore and Ozer - Shveciя. The rocky landscape of Sweden and its rather poor soil led this country to the development of forestry, steel production and development of mining, allowing, along with other branches of, significantly improve the economic situation in the country. Those people, who prefer to visit in Italy and France, because of their main attractions, mistakenly believe, that the ski resort in Sweden they do not expect anything amazing. But it is not so: in this country there are a lot of castles, More than two thousand runic inscriptions, about twenty-five thousand unique Iron Age burial. Ten of the royal castles located in Stockholm and its surrounding areas. Official "star" hotels in Sweden have, as well as the Finnish, but on websites and in catalogs you can find hotels with "stars" - it's just a subjective evaluation, which will help you navigate the level of service in a particular hotel. The price always includes breakfast accommodation, which served as a "buffet". The most popular Swedish ski resort Åre, which attracts tourists from all over the. It is located in the western part of the country right at the foot of the majestic mountains, vblizi granitsы with Norvegiey. From Ore to Stockholm just six hundred and twenty kilometers. This resort has a wonderful, Here you will meet the European level of service. In Åre you will find everything - from simple children's slopes to the most unrealistic steep slopes, from which even the experienced skier takes the breath away. Tourists can go down with hundreds of runs. The longest of them is 6,5 kilometers. It should also pay attention to the fact, Ore that is very user friendly resort, it is only here, and nowhere else in the whole of Scandinavia, You can find absolutely all kinds of lifts, among which the gondola cabins, which are capable of only a few minutes to carry you into the mountains. In Åre as skiers, and snowboarders alike will enjoy good opportunities. Here you can use the services of school teachers skiing for beginners. The restaurants are located close to the slopes. They can enjoy a variety of dishes, as the national cuisine, and international. At this ski resort nightlife vibrant and active, there is no shortage of night clubs and bars. You can choose a place to live - a hotel room with full service, comfortable apartment or own a house. There is also the opportunity to live in close proximity to the ski lift, or vice versa away from him. The largest Scandinavian resort, Located in the western part of the country close to a number of mountains, most of which are huge - Åreskutan, its height is 1424 meters above sea level. For hundreds of slopes and lifts opening forty-five single point of access. Tourists can enjoy skating here on the highway of different complexities. In Åre also has the best groove in Scandinavia, possibility of leasing lines, excellent opportunities for winter sports, fine hotels and excellent service. Its diversity and characteristics of routes Ore can compete with the most famous ski resorts in Europe. In the whole of northern Europe, the general system of lifts of the resort recognized as the best. The resort is also famous for its European level of service, which includes all the major routes snegonapylenie artificial snow (in particular it is not necessary, since the entire season on the slopes lies the real snow), lighting a huge number of trails in the night, grooming snowcat. The average temperature in December is about 6 degrees with a minus sign, in January, a degree below, in February, temperatures can rise to zero, in March, the thermometer will show from minus three to minus eight degrees, and in April - from zero to plus five. For Cross Country Skiing in Åre has all the conditions. All trails are open to snowboarders. Aerial integrated into a single system of resort. All apartments and hotels are located near the ski lifts. Services of individual instructors will be particularly useful for inexperienced tourists. Later in the afternoon, some restaurants and hotels begin entertainment and activity program, which are referred to as "after-ski", when straight after skiing, removing only shoes, You can get to the bar and sing in chorus, listen to music and enjoy a cocktail. The entire resort is divided into four zones of living and skiing: Оре Бьюрнен, Лре Тегефьель, Ore Ore and blyuyu Duved. All parts are connected by bus routes, which provide movement schedule. Center of the resort is the Blue Ore, since this is where most of the restaurants are concentrated, shops, entertainment and hotels. Also here is the most interesting "red" and "black" trails. Starting from the very top of the mountain, you will be able to enjoy a long descent to four kilometers on the most interesting sports tracks, elevation which is 880 meters. The most lingering trace of the area has a length of 6.5 kilometers. Fans of the winding descent through the trees lingering traces will be interesting to the lower part of the mountain, which is covered by forest. Outdoor space is an upper ski area. Incredibly beautiful view from the mountain top to the lake. There are trails in Åre for downhill and slalom. For a family vacation perfect for a small resort Åre Duved, which is designed for skiing and snowboarding. It will appeal to fans of unprotected and unprepared runs. In this area, elevation can reach 500-600 meters. In the forest zone includes red and blue runs. Prior to this resort and neighboring Tegefel can be reached by bus, and the machine. Prior to the main ski lifts are easily accessible directly from the hotel at a special shuttle lift. At the top of the mountain in just ten minutes from the center right will take you to a new platform, for up to six seats. The seats are equipped with lift this so-called "hood" - special plastic cap to protect your face from the wind. In Åre Tegefel are mainly blue runs, so here are the low slopes. To nearby places you can get Duved, passing from the hoist to lift. By car or bus can take you to the resort center. For fans of snowboarding is a paradise Tegefel. Riding among forest sites in this zone, you get a lot of pleasure. In the evening, have a great time all the campers will be able to in a club called "Tegeniz". For recreation and residence of the parents with children would be the best Ore Byurnen. There's even a children's garden, in which you can practically the whole day to leave your child. Game Center, Special ramps and slopes - all built for children. There is never a strong wind, and all thanks to the strategic location slopes - most of them passes through the forest. Also in the forest there are trails stretching for up to ten kilometers for cross-country skiing. Tourists can get a lot of vivid impressions of sledding and dog sledding. Reached on skis can be absolutely any lodge. For the convenience of the visitors in the villages there is a bar, a cafe, pizzeria, restaurant, jacuzzi, sauna, equipment rental, grocery store. Holidays in the ski resorts of Sweden will appeal to families, wishing to please their children fun entertainment, and professional skiers.

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