Studies of the behavior of tourists on holiday

There have been studies the behavior of European tourists during their winter vacation. Conducted a study group of French companies Temmos, which operates a chain of hotels in the Alps in France. As it turned out, Russian tourists have a number of distinctive and rather interesting features, which are different from other people in Europe. In 5 group hotels Temmos, which are located in the resorts of Val d'Isere, И Chamonix Les Arcs, Les Trois Vallees conducted research data, which covered the last three winter seasons. Investigation of the behavior of tourists on vacation is a complex action, which include a survey of ten of thousands of tourists, and direct survey of hotel personnel about their observations on a number of issues, that it was impossible to make a survey. The basis of the survey were three "pillars": how tourists ride, how they spend their hard-earned money and how they relax and spend your free time. Safety and skating - the first part of the study, which included questions about the level of trails, the use of helmets, and certain equipment (snowboarding and skiing). As the results, Russian tourists were the most reckless in the Alps. Just over a quarter of the Russian, only 27%, wear a protective helmet, given the fact, that 3 a quarter of them (76%) preference for red (difficult) routes. This figure is virtually unchanged in recent years. Past 3 , only on 5 percent increase in the number of Russian tourists, which put on a helmet. As for the other Europeans, there is an opposite pattern, seen movement towards increased safety when riding. So 56% French in the Alps prefer to wear a helmet, wherein 70% of them ride on difficult slopes. 71% German tourist rides a complex trasya, wherein 63% of the total amount of wear helmet. Both France and Germany have made significant progress over the last couple of seasons, namely, for the last three seasons on the 10 and 12% increased helmet use among representatives of France and Germany respectively. Speaking of the relationship between snowboarding and skiing, it should be said, that the figures are about the same in Russian and European tourists. The order 40% choose a snowboard, and 60% prefer to roam the snowy slopes of the Alps to ski. And a very small number of tourists and mastered ride and snowboarding and skiing. The second part of the survey group Temmos dedicated issue of leisure time, besides riding. Parties and clubs most commonly seen British and, of course, Russian tourists. The percentage of 38 and 36 per cent of Britons and Russians respectively attended discos and parties. Tourists from the Scandinavian countries have emerged as supporters of the home stay, only 17% are honored by his presence daily parties and discos. The rest of the majority of Scandinavians whiled away their free time in hotel rooms, or as large, but not very noisy company in the apartment. Regarding other types of entertainment, then there results were not surprising. Tourists from Russia traditionally prefer saunas, Unlike Europeans: 42% tourists from Russia at least once visited the sauna per stay on vacation, while the average percentage of European tourists visiting the sauna was about 31%. The third part of the survey was timed question of, as tourists spend their money. The information was obtained from the survey, conducted among tourists and hotel staff observations of Temmos. The most notable figure was on tipping: as it turned out, namely Russian tourists are the most generous. On average, the representatives of Russia was allowed to order tea 8 percent of total counts, while the Germans and the British left on 5% and 6% respectively. It is difficult to ignore the fact that the same, that Russian tourists prefer wine, which is slightly more expensive, than the one, preferred by the Germans and the British. The average price of a bottle of wine for the Russian was 18 euro, while the Germans were spending 15 euro, and the British 16 euros per bottle. Information about the group of companies Temmos. Temmos established in 2010 year. The structure of the company includes 5 hotels with rates in the 3 and 4 Star, which are located in 4-yoh the largest resorts in the French side of the Alps: L'Aigle des Neiges **** (Валь д'Изер), The Eaglets *** (Шамони), Bruy?res *** (Les Menuires), the H?tel du Golf*** (Арк 1800), Le Morgane **** (Шамони). Available Rooms The hotel is located 613 Room. Annually, Hotels have become a haven for more than 140tysyach tourists. Trend in recent years is the change of orientation of the group hotels, namely a large focus on tourists from Russia. Each hotel staff speaks Russian, and instructor in skating are no exception.

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  1. Irene

    It is not surprising. Immigrants from the CIS love trump money and allegedly having allegedly advanced in terms of entertainment, while Europeans do not need to make an impression on someone.

  2. Amin

    It is hard to imagine, that the Russian will act differently. Russia – generous soul. About money: If our people have already escaped to rest, it is a sin he did not come off on all cylinders. He will sit in the sauna, and choose the best wine, and in restaurants linger – in a word, try all, only be able to overpower the body for a specific unit of time. And also about the safety of the truth. I, for example, among friends, who traveled to the ski resorts, two men returned with injuries. One, by the way, with a broken collarbone, and you know it very unpleasant thing. So that, you have to be smarter in that sense, Comrades.

  3. Sergei

    Strange some people – researchers . They thought , that all possible ” gresti under odnu grebёnku” ? Man – a human – strife . Especially the whole nation .

  4. Nadin

    Prior to coming to another country, need to be familiar with local regulations. Better on the advice of your family and friends, to avoid unnecessary adventure. Prepare for unexpected expenses.


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