Ski resort of Serre-Chevalier (Serre Chevalier)

In the south of the Alps to be a great ski resort called Serre-Chevalier (Serre Chevalier). Every year it attracts thousands of fans to go skiing and just escape from the city. Due to the natural snow, successful relief and bright southern sun this French resort especially love among the people of Europe. Another factor, which adds to the interest of tourists to the Serre-Chevalier - its original appearance. The city remained almost unchanged over the years, it has preserved its original appearance, particularly natural environment. In it you will find the optimum ratio of the proportions of the historic architecture of mountain villages and modern buildings. The resort has protyazhnost6 kilometrovvdol Guisane Valley. At the beginning 20 century, it established the first French ski school, kotoruû called the Col du Lautaret. The resort of Serre-Chevalier borders Italy, close to a hundred kilometers from the resort is the industrial center of Turin.

The structure of the city include thirteen small villages. The largest of these Villeneuve-les-Be, Le Mont-les-Bains, Бриансон, Шантемерль. Differences in elevation above mean sea level 1200 do2800 meters. The main population centers are at the bottom. If you want to, that you have provided everything you need for a good rest, go to Serre-Chevalier, here focused marketing and sales service mountain resort.

Virtually every settlement has an entertainment infrastructure - Rollers, bars, Jazz Clubs, restaurants and cinemas. Food and necessities are sold in supermarkets, are as fully. You can relax in a big way in Shantmerel, and there is a fitness center with sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish baths, beauty salon and karaoke bar. In the settlement of Villeneuve-les-Be - except for the above services also has a swimming pool for the kids dlinoy25 meter ice cliff. For the recovery been to Monte-les-Bains, there is a thermal center with swimming pool, which is filled with water from a source with a temperature +37.

The slopes are located on the north, The lower part of the snow - all this guarantees a full ride for the entire season (from November to April). Year after year, the maximum amount of snow recorded in February, In December there is a stable steady cover. One can predict, and that this year the resort of Serre-Chevalier will delight your guests with snow throughout the season.

Ski-resort-Serre-ChevalierEvery level of skier will find a suitable ski slopes. In Villeneuve and Chantemerle many training places, as well as "green" line for beginners. For more advanced skiers there are secondary routes in the forest area of ​​these regions. These professionals will appreciate the slopes in Le Grand-Pré and La Montagnola. For this extreme in the Casse du Boeuf there is a special "black" horse.

Good to know, in Saint-Shevel most unusual reliefs descents in the Alps. Their uniqueness and diversity of the phenomenal diversity. There are quite steep and sudden change of slope exposure.

For snowboarders, at the foot of a Villneve justified the fun park. Fans carving, toboggan runs and boardercross are to appreciate the novelty,ru, which is offered to tourists in Serre-Chevalier - innovations in the field of sliding on snow thanks to the discovery of new zones. This year is expected, what will be the new fashion concept, which provides security on the slopes under the name "The Reflex". For those, who are not confident in their abilities there is a designated area, where you can test your ability to control the skis and speed, as well as improve braking technique. The main purpose of the zone - to improve the safety of skiers and reduce the number of injuries and collisions. The company's motto - "If you want to be able to skate well - learn the proper braking!». On a special track skiers are dispersed on high-speed site dlinoy80 meters, and then quickly slow down. The sensor detects the speed, the colors of the different finishing zones show - if the skier is able to control the speed. If you are stalled on a blue color - can rest easy, You get all the good, if the red - is pay more attention to braking technique, as well as learn to drive slower.

Newcomers to Saint-Chevalier ski school offered to visit. From Monday to Saturday there are special trainings - skiing (with 4 Years), snowboard (with 12 Years), as well as hiking in the mountains or on snowshoes (with 12 Years).

At first glance, the Serre-Chevalier ski resort in a beautiful winter. But even in autumn and summer days, there are many attractive places and activities for tourists. In 2006 was reopened tubs and pools with water from the source, the temperature 36 degrees. It is partially closed, water penetrates through the transition from the indoor to the outdoor pool.

Dining at the resort more than a good. And the prices are reasonable and the portions are large. According to tourists, best institutions of Villeneuve-les-Bae is Cafe Soleil, L'Arave и Le Grand Alpe. Fine French cuisine you will find in "The Thing", the name translates as "fish and marine reptiles". Antique recipes in the menu you expect in a restaurant "Le Passe Simple", which is located in Brinson. Another institution with a quality menu and pleasant atmosphere - "Le Caribou" in Mont-les-Bains.

Some tourists say, that entertainment Senn Chevalier enough, as well as other luxury resorts. But, In spite of this, The city is a major cultural and sporting events, such as jazz festival, ski cross, Sled Dog Race.

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