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Today is quite fashionable entertainment considered skiing. But it is not only fashionable, but also quite dangerous occupation. Especially risky to go on the track untrained people, who do not know the rules of driving and can not properly prepare themselves for skiing.

Only for the brave

To learn how to ski, first you need to take a course and then make an independent foray to the top. Better before traveling abroad to take a couple of lessons from local teachers ski schools, it will cost you much cheaper, as abroad such lessons can lead to a pretty penny. Hope, will be helpful video tutorials, proposed on this page.

It is no secret, that most of the beginners prefer to follow the principle of "on-site conformed", they hope, their more experienced friends will be able to help them learn to ride quickly and correctly. But, as a rule, friends or relatives after a brief explanation of obscure in the end just pushing you from the slope and with all the dope you roll down. Very often one of the couple is planning to teach other ski and pulls out to this end it Tcheget. And only when it is an inexperienced skier flying down, and understands the, it is unlikely that a living will get to the bottom, his other half understands, that the instructor did not come out of it.

So you have to learn as a result of their own. "I went to the hill and tried to imagine, 'll go down as, from such a pattern spontaneously said, "No." - then crawled away in a flash. Something so reached the small hill, which went for just kids, and, looking around, decided that I would go so far with it. Later, take heart, and still decided to go up to the descent of the more serious. Skiing is difficult to manage, as they are long and clumsy, the slope is steep. On both sides of the slope grew wild rose bushes. That's just it and took me into their home as not tender, and prickly embrace. All in the snow, and even in the thorns I somehow made it to a gentle slope. Here I was able to repeatedly turn and stop completely without falling. After these successes, I realized, that now alpine skiing is my favorite pastime!».

Usually everything is as it happens ...

Beginners, who have learned to move on gentle slopes without falling, may think he is, now they can do everything, and they are subject to even the steepest descents. But this is just an illusion, which pushes inexperienced skiers to rash acts, which, as a rule, are not without injury.

Александр Шваб, Head of Insurance believes travelers, that it is the most traumatic mid-level skiing. And all because, that inexperienced down very gently, and those who have more or less learned to ride, consider themselves assami. But skiing like a car: first, ride slowly and carefully, after having spent behind the wheel of a few years there is a kind of euphoria, and it seems, that you have nothing to learn, you know everything. You start to go, exceeding the speed, as a result you get in an accident. After that, move to the next stage.

Sure, often traumatized and Cubs, except that the damage they are not as serious - most often bruises, broken limbs and torn ligaments. Lovers of polihachit, more experienced skiers injury, as a rule, heavier: fractures of the spine, severe head injuries, concussion.

There are cases, when people go out to the black track without proper preparation, assessing their strength is inadequate. But then, what is allowed to Jupiter, bыku not allowed. It is unlikely that an amateur skier will repeat the feat of the Olympic champion. Сергей Сергеев, leading trainer of sports club "Kant" said, that for many Russian tourists descend on the highway black - it's a matter of honor. There are cases, when they are removed from there by helicopter. Sergei recommends starting with blue and green runs, and only, when you feel, you can normally manage skis, at any time and are able to change direction or stop - you can go to the red and black pistes.

Опасные, но такие прекрасные снежные склоны Traffic rules are mandatory for all

The ranks have thinned significantly skiers, if they passed the real exam for law. After all, in the mountains, as the road, have their own mandatory rules of the road. If, during a walk through the city you are very tired, is not going to give yourself a break in the middle of the lively streets ... people, found themselves for the first time at the ski resort, as a rule, quite tired quickly. Once they were able to overcome a few bumps, They are located right on the highway rest, and it is absolutely not see anything strange in his behavior. This behavior can hurt not only them, but the people, that descend from the top and just do not see sitting on the track skiers, so there is every chance, coming down that could fall on your head just resting. Remember: if you fell, then as soon as possible otedte or crawled away.

As well as on the road, at the ski slopes are all the same rules. He is always wrong, who is behind. You should not cross the road. You should always keep your distance. Not in any way do not cut the end of the other skiers. Under the rope hoist is better not to stay. Look up, before you go to the track - perhaps there at full speed race snowboarders and skiers? After you make sure, that there is no one above you, look down and analyze the situation, judge the distance between you and other people. On the mountain slopes usually "lower right" is always effective.

Be especially careful, if you are riding at the resort domestic. To start, make sure, in front of you there is no obstacle, otherwise you risk to face "growing" right on the highway old pillar lift.

Note the equipment

To its Gear better take very seriously. Hope Polyakov ski school manager advises necessarily take into account the weight and height, and do not in any way to choose their own equipment, be sure to ask for help from a specialist. Because if you take, for example, too great skiing, you can not then turn around. Adjust the mount to properly. If they are not suitable for your weight, then the total probability of, that at Palen they may not work, or, conversely, during the descent from the mountain suddenly unbuttoned.

Other information you will need protective equipment, which will not be excessive even for experienced skiers, owning his own business in perfection, not to mention newcomers, that without it just will not do. Need to cover the back protective "shell", and in addition protect the hips and hands. Artificial snow is used in many ski resorts, and it is very hard, so when you hit his head quite possible to get a concussion.

So do not forget as on a helmet

Skiers should choose warm clothes of bright colors. If your suit is not warm enough, then you run the risk of frost-bitten, especially if you injure yourself, because the doctors you may wait a long time. Bright clothes set you apart and help doctors and rescue workers quickly you notice. Brown and gray suits worn not recommended, because in such clothes you are easily confused with some element of the landscape. Be sure to put it in your pocket ordinary plastic bag - it will come in handy in the event, If you injure yourself, since it will be possible to put the snow and attach to the bruised or wounded place to reduce swelling and stop bleeding.

As we know the climate in the mountains can not be called sustainable, why should bring sunglasses. You should also grab a cream for sun protection, since it is enough evil in the mountains, and you run the risk of burn.

White curse

One day I decided to go with friends to the movies. The picture was called "White curse". This name is synonymous with horror we, blood-curdling. In principle, we do not make a mistake - it's a movie about the rescuers, who fought with avalanches.

The most serious risk to the skier - this avalanche. Go down over the snow in the mountains of risky, without a guide and special equipment: shovels, bippers (special sensors), Search screws. Do not interfere, and a special backpack parachute inside.

With strangers random people better not to go for a drive. In that case, if you know the bad area, it is not necessary to call back, where others do not go for a drive, better to have rolled out the slopes. If you get lost, what better way to look at your steps.

The most dangerous place on the slopes, as a rule, marked by special signs, which can not be neglected. Strong wind and the snowfall contribute to avalanches. Avalanche danger arises, if within ten hours of snow falls of up to five centimeters, with snowfall accompanied by strong winds. Be sure to pay attention to the snow: the first sign of an avalanche - the appearance of cracks in the snow.

Tips and Warnings, above, not be the reason to throw out their new gear and stop dreaming about the success in alpine skiing. You should not panic fear of avalanches and injuries. You just need to be careful and be sure to hold the safety rules, then the trip will bring you only the happy memories.

For dessert - video lessons, how quickly learn to ski

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