Mont Blanc in the season and off-season (Mont Blanc)

One of us, visiting at least once a fun and beautiful place, falling in love with him, returns to it again and again. For someone visiting certain places are strictly tied to a particular season: pier, If it is summer, the path-way to the sea, and if the window is cold, let's go to the mountains. And in any case, not vice versa! But why do so? Why put yourself in front of some kind of framework, restrictions? It is so boring: follow the path trodden by someone. In this article we will try to convince you, that is truly an amazing place in any season - it is the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc.

About, that the mountains in the spring mountains in a special fine, knowing people do not need to remind. This is especially true in Europe, which, per se, to the mountains - a stone's throw. And, For example, if Japan in the spring because of the beautiful cherry blossoms, then the Europeans can not stop looking at the mountain daisies blooming. In the spring and summer, when skiing is replaced by biking and trekking, Hotels of various ski resorts are filled with tourists not less, than in winter. However, for us to visit the Alps for some reason is considered relevant only during the snow and cold weather. Why do not people want to enjoy the mountain air and the beauty of the warm days - a mystery.

But, certainly, some Russian-speaking people could still find their muse in the mountains. The visit to Chamonix Marina Tsvetaeva, For example, they say today.

To be inspired, climbed to the peak of Aiguille du Midi - one of the symbols of Chamonix - does not need to be a great poet or a poet. The incredible panorama, which is opened to each of the four terraces, can easily turn into a poet, a simple man. Do not hesitate, A what, been there, and seeing this beauty with my own eyes at least once, You can cherpnut inspiration and euphoria for many years. Thanks to modern technology and the latest hoist, witness the splendor may also people with disabilities, confined to a wheelchair. Viewing platforms du Midi at a height 3842 m above sea level, with 37 euro, you can get there, Spend just 20 minute. But, of course, in the presence of a great desire, time and effort, You can climb to the viewing platform on foot.

Some might consider, that rest in the mountains can be only interested in sports for people with special training. In fact, even inexperienced traveler, caught once in the mountains, risked to conquer the summit, paraglide, understand, that greater happiness is difficult to imagine. At such moments, you feel so, if you are on the edge of the earth, breathe deeply and was about to fly up ... That's why Chamonix every year attracts more and more tourists, willing to make such a transition. Let's take a look, What areas of this transition are the most common.

Rock climbing is one of the most difficult sports, and for, to achieve success in it, must not only have a significant physical and intellectual resources, but to be able to use them. Some compare climbing to chess, Only in this case, the game is only one piece - your own, and, to win, it should proceed on the proven route, subtly calculating the load on the muscles, even the muscles of the fingers.

Less than a hard task - ice climbing - thanks to modern outfit - cats, boots and ice axes, - allows athletes to climb almost to the ceiling. Though, in principle, on the ceiling, they also crawl.

Extraordinary popular as rafting: individual (Canoe), or a group (on inflatable rafts). For individual rafting your main quality should be easy madness, and for the group - the ability to feel the team.

Another interesting way to have fun in the mountains - paragliding. It is also a kind of "alloy", true, the flow of water is not, and the air. Unlike skydiving, you do not just fall down, and soar, and, by the design of the glider, you can control it, and even send up. By the way, Paragliding is the cheapest and also the most safest form of leisure aviation. Though, If your financial situation allows it, can take a helicopter and take a panoramic flight. That, that this action will have you enthralled, guaranteed.

But the most high, and, of course, the most significant item in the Alpine program, certainly, Mont Blanc is the. It was he who gave birth to rock climbing, as a kind of commitment to high above. If earlier climb the majestic Mont Blanc could only specially trained person, today, using special equipment, to climb this mountain of any person subject to his physical health. Of course, climb the Mont Blanc is relatively difficult from a technical point of view, though, According to knowledgeable people, much more difficult, than Elbrus. Тем не менее, go up to the mountain without a guide - a rather risky gamble. Like it or not, And the mountains are mountains.

About all, that is relevant to the mountains, knows firsthand Russian climber Valery Babanov. Valerie - a legendary figure in the mountain sports, received two "Golden redorubov" - the highest award for achievements in mountaineering, is the pioneer of some of the most complex and highest peaks in the world. Today Valery - a guide, works as Chamonix and accompanies tourists, wanting to conquer Mont Blanc.

In his view, climb this mountain climbing altar, not everyone can. The main condition - the person should have good health. After all, the mountain Valery tourists can not be held, they climb alone. If there is a desire, technique can turn out quite quickly. For example, if this man to the high mountain peaks not conquer, then in a few days to Valery makes it approaches to preparation, to enable people to understand, how to properly move, work ax, calculate the load, use insurance, put the cat. When a person's willingness to become visible, starts climbing.

Get certified mountain guide, According to the climber, in this case is equivalent to obtaining, For example, doctoral degree in science. Training course and exams, following after, very hard, And, of course, important role played by the so-called "factor Chamonix" - at this ski resort its approach to the selection guides.

Of our compatriots Valery Babanov is still the only, who was able to get the highest qualification in the profession - a mountain guide. Careful preparation, strict selection guides led to, that the number of injuries and deaths among the tourists were reduced to statistical error. What, conversely, can not be said about the characters, consider, that the conquest of Mont Blanc - a trifling matter, and trying to make it, without the help of professionals. In this case, there is even an interesting line pattern - the more chelochek versed in the mountains, the more he uses the services accompanying, and correspondingly, conversely.

Conscious Europeans, especially those living in the Alpine region, knows, hiring a coach while climbing or trekking, - One of the main ways to protect yourself. That is why the conquest of the mountains along with an escort was part of the local culture and psychology. According to the Europeans, alone in the mountains are only fools, risk of getting caught if not tragic, what a stupid situation.

Particularly difficult season in Shamani was 1971 Year. The weather that year constantly changed their mood, has constant rockfalls, avalanche, who created trouble as ordinary tourists, and professional athletes. So a year later, in 1972, at the foot of Mont Blanc, was founded by the first mountain office, which was responsible for checking the status of all the slopes and trails, a forecast of possible emergency situations and supply of tourists and athletes all the necessary information. Since then, the office every year produces a newsletter, contains a detailed description of all routes, suitable for transmission. Today, this structure has a private weather service, which with the help of satellites scan the entire surrounding area. There is also a mountain gendarmerie - special service, specializing in the provision of emergency. In the list of its resources - mobile aviation, Police and ambulance.

For those, who does not know, Mont Blanc - this is not one vertex, a huge mountain. Here, well-developed infrastructure, which, with one side, gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature, and on the other - to rid themselves of the burden of care of all the necessary equipment. Very popular for mountain sports are a seven-day hiking around Mont Blanc, during which traversed the route in 160 km! There are trails, taking place at the height of 1600-2700 M. Think, you can imagine, which offers a magnificent view from this height.

By the way, Blanc does not belong only to France, but also in Switzerland and Italy. therefore, choosing this top, remember, you, except for a Schengen visa, should take care of the Swiss. Of course, border guards on the trails of Mont Blanc, you are unlikely to meet, but, so as not to spoil your holiday, take care of the visa in advance.

If you - the adherent comfortable stay, but still want to climb a mountain, Rejoice: Alpine mountaineering is good because, giving you the opportunity to spend the night in a comfortable mountain hotels. So, instead of a tent you will have a cozy room, instead of dry food - warm dinner from the restaurant, and, of course, hot shower. Also, you will save a lot of time, which otherwise would have spent on collecting and unfold the tent, and will save a lot of strength, ridding itself of excess load.

But the most important and exciting it, you will see another point of view of sunrise and sunset - the greatest of all the stars of the universe. We can assure, that after such rest your worldview can not help but roll.

For dessert - видео Монблана

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