Winter sales in Europe, when they start

Season, discounts and sales in Europe in line with our New Year's holidays. This winter sales in Italy will start a little earlier, than normal. On the third of January will begin sales in Liguria, Rome, Piedmont and in many other provincial cities. Since the second of January - Naples. But the ski resorts of sales will begin only with the seventh of January. Continue the same season discounts will be up to the middle of February. Our tourists in any case have time to get to the first days of sales, when the product selection more.

In France same discount season starts thirteenth, second Wednesday of January, when we have already run out of the New Year holidays. And sales will continue to Ninth February. Shops, which are located in France, have the right than the official days of sales, trade, making the sale two weeks a year. Therefore, many of them for the holidays sure to take advantage of this right.

In Spain, sales season begins after the feast day Volhov, namely, from the sixth or seventh of January. Most of the stores on this occasion will be working on Sunday January tenth. Very often the, that discount stores begin trading from the second January. A discount season continues until March.

Particular attention is paid to the stores El Corte Ingles. This department stores, which is in almost every city in the country. Discounts there is much more, yes and last longer, than in retail stores. In addition, in these shopping centers are no siesta, which lasts from 12.00 hours before 16.00. At that time, many shops are closed, which is extremely inconvenient for tourists.

In the other countries of the Old World sales season will begin in the first week of January.

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