Shopping in South Korea and its features

Usually the word "Shopping"Many people associate with Italy or with Istanbul, but not with Korea. But shopping in Korea is, and a very good. Make a purchase you will be able to, even in South Korea you will only drive. At Incheon Airport, which is the pride of Korea, there are a lot of shops. For travelers, the airport - it is a city. Most of the shops in Incheon Korean belong to large companies, таким как и Shilla Lotte. If, before landing on your flight you have a few hours, then you will be able to walk on these stores. This time, you, of course, not enough, to get around them all, but some of them are, also have time to visit.

Primarily, it is worth noting for shopping in Korea Perfume and alcohol. The prices will pleasantly surprise you. There is also a boutique fashion brands, such as Versace, Hugo Boss и Armani. The prices for these garments are lower, than we have in the country about 30-40%. And if you buy a few things, it will make a discount. If you get there during sales, then buy branded clothing could be at more attractive prices. All things original, so fake you are unlikely to meet here.

At all, cheap at this airport not only clothes and other goods, but many of the services. For example, You can eat for ten dollars per person, in our country for the money, you can only buy a coffee and a sandwich. There is also installed payphones, from which you can call via telefonokarty. To make a call to Moscow and talk for half an hour, enough for five dollar card.

The fare on the subway is four dollars, by taxi - fifty dollars.

Product is available not only at the airport, but in the city in specialized stores. Such goods as alcohol, tobacco or perfume on your hands, of course, will not give up, and went to the airport for the corresponding flight. You will be given a receipt with a bar code. Bottle or a bottle you do not deliver from stock, namely the one that you choose.

You just need to be on arrival at the airport to go to a special department and present the check. Then get your hands on the voucher, wait their turn. It usually takes no more than five minutes. The item you will be given a packed in cellophane. After leaving the area of ​​security control you will be able to bring goods into the cabin. One can not extract it.

Very good prices in a huge store, which is located in the complex Lotte World Jamsil. Here is both a hotel and entertainment center like Disneyland.

Sure, it is minus the purchased goods that you can not get your hands on immediately, but it does not have to pack everything in a suitcase.

Especially popular are watches and jewelry. If you buy a product more than 2200 U.S., it can be up to twenty percent of the tax to get back. The export of such goods fixes Customs.

In Korea, you can also buy products from ginseng, which, according to doctors, supports the body and is a preventive measure. You can buy ginseng tea, ginseng concentrate, Dried ginseng, as well as cosmetics, toothpaste and even sweets based on it. Counterfeits can not be, because the whole ginseng produced under state control.

From souvenirs greatest demand inlaid jewelry boxes, Handle, business card holders and compacts. Also attracted the attention of buyers Korean textiles, leather and custom tailoring.

Of electronics can be purchased cameras and memory chips, but from the phones and televisions is to give. Most of these devices use standards are not compatible with the Russian.

At very low prices you can buy very good things in the subway. Speech, of course, is a big stations, which are located in the center or close to business districts.

Almost everywhere accept bank cards.

In general, Koreans are very friendly to foreigners. Almost all stores understand in English.

For dessert - видео шоппинга в Южной Корее = O2OxQsHQcnA

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  1. Helen

    Never considered Korea as a country for shopping. And it appears, it is very beneficial. If you ever find myself in South Korea, necessarily purchased branded perfumes for gifts to friends.

  2. Lina

    I love to shop, and especially abroad, but Korea has opened in this plan for themselves recently.

  3. MisterTROLBASS

    Soon, I will visit this wonderful country and the opportunity to stand out a financial resource for buying and.


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