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Increasingly, the population of our country selects the active travel vacation weekend, forgetting the traditional principle of "three T": ottomans, slippers, TV. It's wonderful! After all, spend a couple - three days, Walking the streets of European, or sunbathing on the Cote d'Azur is much nicer. In addition, this holiday is not as tedious and monotonous, as the traditional seven-day. Experiences the same - just the sea! And the money for such a trip will have to pay relatively little. These weekend tours are possible for Turkey, Egypt, Arab Emirates, European countries (Czech Republic, France, Austria) and so on. Especially this holiday is beneficial in cases of additional output after the March 8th, May holidays, regular or unscheduled weekend. Originally travel companies, offering such tours of the day, focused exclusively on the business of wealthy citizens, who can not afford to rest a long time due to a busy work schedule. But now life has made adjustments to the plans of travel agencies. After the financial crisis, not all, who had previously rested 7 – 10 days abroad, still can not afford it. We have to cut their holidays to 3 – 4 Days. In addition, a popular pastime among fans of rest from the bustle of a busy month and just get somewhere. However, it is worth considering, that one day you obviously do not get off, as well as two. Need to count on at least four. But travel companies offer a variety of vacation options: for couples in love, for a large and happy family, for lovers of exotic and sports, for the curious visitor tours. Преимущества европейского отдыха Конечно же, often, our citizens choose to stay France. The saying "see Paris - and die" still does not give us peace. Prague firmly holds the lead with the world capital of romance. Standard weekend stay in Paris includes a walk along the banks of the Seine, Visit the Eiffel Tower, celebrations on the Champs-Elysees and Boulevard called St. Germain. French haute cuisine will be a great addition to this set of traveler, that «must see». On this trip the dream of every couple in love, vedь Parizh - Services lюbvi Globe Sare. Minimalьno for podobnuю poezdku to you pridetsя vыlozhitь 500 euro (c Cases, esli vы soglasnы the 4 dnя c Parizhe, stay for the class "2 Stars" with daily breakfast, with air included in this amount). If you prefer a hotel of class "3 stars", then cook 650 euro. Can you afford 4-star hotel - then stock up 850 euro. But France - it's not just Paris. For example, Nice hotels usually require 300 Euro per day per person, Cannes - from 150 euro, St Tropez - 220 euro. Indeed, in France, and you can taste the fine wine, see the mansions of the 17th century, dine at one of the restaurants with world-renowned. If you just want to soak up the coast, then choose the Azure Coast. There's summer all year round! Prague is quite another treasure. It is especially valuable for lovers of Baroque and Gothic. This round like a young couple in love, who wants to fully enjoy each other. After all, in quiet surroundings of Prague leisurely stroll is a special pleasure. Prague - a paradise for tourists, adoring eat, and drink this beer brand. Popular places, where the beer is brewed on your eyes. Will go well with beer traditional sausages with sauerkraut. They, who has a sweet tooth, will appreciate the strudels. Traditionally tours 4 – 5 days in the Czech Republic will cost you from 450 to 500 per person, depending on the level of the hotel. For those, who is reputed to be a fan of refined art, As the tour weekend offers Vienna. The Austrian capital will appeal to lovers of poetry, museums, classical music, medieval castles. Do not miss a single concert, when you get there. Impressions of them will not leave you never. And Vienna is good because, that at any time of the year holds traditional concerts and festivals. So, in early March, the host city for the time becomes Haydn. Four days at this luxury hotel will cost 700 euros for a single person. However, Europe - it's not just prudish state - Conservatives. It's still hot and "tasty" Italy. Choose Me in spirit - Venice, Rome, Florence ... In Italy, you can make a memorable shopping, try the world-famous Neapolitan pizza, enjoy the warm mild climate, Italian and listen to the emotional speech. Usually weekend will cost you 500 per person, but impressions - the sea. If you have heard about the pearl of Italy - Tuscany - then you have to prepare 650 euro for themselves. Has recently become a popular Belgium. This is a wonderful country, very cozy, Comfortable, alluring chocolate, wine and other culinary delights. Here you will find many restaurants and cafes, of which simply do not want to leave. By the way, in Belgium are so many wonderful water parks - places, where truly summer all year round. If you are bored with the traditional offerings, then certainly choose Poland. Krakow, which is also called the cultural capital of the country, will not leave you indifferent. By the way, Krakow name comes from the name of a wise prince Krak, whose daughter Wanda chose to commit suicide, throwing himself into the waters of the Vistula, than to marry a German prince - Knight. Despite this sad legend, e in the city there are many interesting museums, Cracow University, parks, squares. Weekends in Poland will cost you 400 per person. New season - is an offer to travel to London, taking a child. The tour lasts 4 of the day, and is designed specifically for young families with children. The program includes a visit to London Zoo, Amusement Park, located in Chessington, and a standard set of traveler: Big Ben, parliament building, Vestminsterskoe abbatstvo, Bridge on Tauэre, justis bolьshoe c Mire Coles obozreniя, kotoroe nazыvaetsя Londonskiй GLAZNE, and so on. Course, эta poezdka - nedeshevoe udovolьstvie - and stoit enabled 1000 euro, but the experience will be remembered for a long time. Отличная балтийская прогулка Новое доступное предложение на выходные – это северные страны Балтики. For example, Sweden, Finland. Usual standard program includes visits to the capitals of these countries with a guide, visit water parks, Local fishing. You will be offered a ride on the famous liner, called Silja Line. Its height, reaching a height of eight-storey building, will not leave you indifferent. On this ship is constantly working in the snack bar buffet, where you can enjoy food and drinks in pleasing you any amounts. Such a weekend in Scandinavia will cost you 450 per person. Despite the cool diplomatic relations with the Baltic states, travel companies still offer to visit these countries as a tour weekend. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania will fall to you to taste, because they are located relatively close, Besides, virtually no language barrier. These tours are cheap and are a graying capitals, old feudal castles, vacation on the Baltic coast as low as 200 euro. Солнечная сказка Многим в дополнительные зимние выходные хочется солнца и тепла. In this case,, you fit Egypt, OAЭ, Turkey and Greece. Cyprus - is also a good option. Course, to these countries about 5ti hours flight, however, after this time you will find yourself in the hot embrace of these tropical countries. The swimming season is here - all year round, and the price ranges from 300 – 400 dollars for two people in a quite acceptable hotel. Recently, the highlight of the season was the United Arab Emirates. Our tourists in this country attracts unprecedented luxury, pooling all the best from around the world, because the Emirates - it is a very rich country. Here groomed every path, sophistication and elegant every leaf on the tree. Tour in this country can cost you just 400 per person, per 3 days (not including airfare), however, cook with it additional money. After all, the eastern bazarchika make you go broke, something you want to buy everything at once. Greece can become a good alternative to Africa. Here is located the Aegean Sea, There are many traditional Greek tavernas with home wine, black olives and cheese, and the famous Greek architecture. Cost-long tour 3 days - 300 Euro not including airfare.

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  1. Ludmila

    Now many people have a limited budget. So it is good, that is affordable tours. The main thing to rest – change of scenery.

  2. elena

    That's great, that there are tours. Recently traveled to France for three days. Loved, a great opportunity to change the situation!

  3. Olga

    Weekend tours more suitable for a family weekend or a company anniversary. It is possible to go into a mini-tour in his car, when it comes to Russia.

  4. Helen

    These tours are perfect for people, who love to learn new things and see the sights. After a year you can visit several different places, and inexpensively.

  5. Helen

    Go for the weekend in a European country, the more the whole family, with children – It's just a fairy tale! For a very small amount of time can be so much to see, remember, get so many positive emotions, and all this at an affordable cost to the family budget amount. I sincerely recommend it to everyone!

  6. deer

    I will not be original, tours of the day is a real opportunity to change the situation, Energize, to see the world. So I was in Prague to four days and a lot of impressions.

  7. Svetlana

    She also went on such a tour in Finlyandiyu.Do vacation far, and here is a chance to see mir.Ochen convenient.

  8. Oksana

    All of my adult life I dreamed to visit Prague, and here, on the first wedding anniversary my husband gives us a weekend in the city of dreams. It was just a fairy tale, most cherished dream has come true. And another important plus – children's grandmother did not have to leave for a long time. So it is recommend to all.


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