A trip to Astrakhan

You have never been in Astrakhan? Then consider this unforgivable mistake. You should definitely visit this place to experience the excitement of the Russian south, present in the human kindliness, in an infinite variety of architectural styles, special pride in this city, which in two years will turn 450 years. The birthday of the local people are prepared very carefully and expect a large number of guests. Ancient and hospitable city if created, to its streets walked slowly, studied the endless, stretching into eternity routes. Velimir Khlebnikov, poet, called this city "Triangle of Christ, Магомета и Будды». This title is not accidental, since the city was and is the confluence of different religions and cultures. On the old streets of Astrakhan than a century already towering domes of Orthodox churches in addition to the tower mosques of Muslims, church, church building. In the heart of the city is the majestic white-stone Kremlin Cathedral of the Assumption. This is the cathedral at the time Peter the Great had this to say: "In the whole empire is no such beautiful cathedral". To this day, the Assumption Cathedral remains as majestic, and in the Kremlin boil restoration work, which are confined to the anniversary of. Since the Kremlin, the city was built up areas, streets, bazaars, squares. Astrakhan is a major trading center. At the time, through this town the Great Silk Road. Merchants from the East and West sought to get here. They not only sold here, but lived for decades. Prior 19 century, there existed within 200 years of Indian merchant colony.

The city remained the Armenian and Persian Compound - original architectural structures, which are at the heart of the city, is a closed perimeter rectangular houses with open galleries and courtyard, in which he sets a lively process of trade. Now there is no longer trading. But people still live here. And soon as you enter the courtyard, serves as a stop watch. This tradition of spiritual simplicity and hospitality, who lost in the big cities, passed down from generation to generation. Place, connecting a number of cities Feature List, who are visiting for Astrakhan incredibly long - that Venice, and New Orleans, and Palmyra, and St. Petersburg and t.d. It is a city of contrasts, which transcends time, because the whole central part of the Astrakhan has built up in the pre-revolutionary period, remains the same today: wood, stone, eclectic, that alternates between different architectural styles. Cities need to enjoy the early morning, when it does not ruin the charm of the signs of civilization, which is full ofЦентр слияния культур hustle and bustle. The white city, as it is called today, enjoy the best, while in another cool sun clearly visible wooden lace, stone carving - all this there is already more than one century. Do not leave indifferent and tower Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, farmsteads, merchants' houses, Moscow Trade House. Directed by, There have been affected in Astrakhan and say, it's the perfect place for historic surveys and that there's nothing you need to finish. With what just did not compare the Astrakhan: with a luxurious and serene southern Europe, with a refined Asia, abounding with U.S. Florida, with Venice, with St. Petersburg. By the way, Astrakhan is the historic oak, more mindful of Peter the Great. But the main similarity with St. Petersburg Astrakhan is, Astrakhan that is also located on the islands of the river delta. The downtown area is the island, which is washed by the waters of the Volga, Czar, Kutuma and Eric Kazachiй. Between the Islands, which only eleven, through the ducts and sleeves transferred bridges, which exceed forty. Among the bridges there and sign, which have a peculiar energy. For example, Bridge lovers, which has recently been refurbished. A few years ago began betrothed strengthen their ties a little padlock on railings. Today, these are a huge number of locks. And in this city catch fish right off bridges, and there is a good chance to catch bream or carp. Fish Paradise A lot of fish here. Outside the city limits begin ducts, Erik, ilmens, River, are so fond of tourists. This is a true fishing paradise, how rarely leave empty-handed, because every place - cool. In urban markets still reigns smell fish delicacies. One has only to listen to the title - Tatar-bazaar, Selenskie Isadы, Large Isady. And what smells here - balyk, Sturgeon different ambassadors, fresh river chastik, shiny side smoked fish, piled up a huge amount of roach. Hardly anyone will remain indifferent to fish, which are prepared in local cafes and eateries. The pride of the local menu is the ear and the Volga sturgeon shashlik, which does not need any advertising. In this case, your ear, you can try the most diverse, as each chef has his secret preparations. For example, that year on the day of 70 Chefs demonstrated their skills on the central city square. In addition you will probably be able to enjoy a "purely national dishes Astrakhan ', which consist of pickles, Filler, fish cakes, Kalmyk tea with sheep fat. Also in these places there is a sign, what, right sъev sazanyu head, take it apart to pieces, people here do not go away. They say, that grows in Astrakhan everything and crop can be harvested twice a year. Previously, the region supplied the country tomatoes, watermelons, eggplant and onions. This occurs, and to this day. In the markets you are sure to hear from sellers, they have even the most delicious bananas. Although bananas are grown here is not an exaggeration can be forgiven. City Museum Thousands of tourists come here once on the Volga river boats. Now the flow of tourists certainly less, but gradually began again renewed interest. It is worth noting, extreme that there is not enough. The city is designed for a quiet holiday, contemplation, philosophy. It was so planned and guided tours, which include a swim at the city's canals, from where you can admire the merchant building. On the Volga embankment you will see a place, where Stenka Razin drowned Persian princess. Astrakhan - a city-museum. All mass cultural places of the city, "drenched" in history. The main attractions include the United Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve, which contains a collection of historical Khazars, The Golden Horde, Russian Volga grassroots development. Surprises and amazes tourists stuffed six-meter white sturgeon. It is also interesting to visit the gallery to them. Кустодиева, which is based in 1918 year, and that retains the masterpieces of world art. Interesting and house museums of public figures, Writers and poets, monuments, Temples, theaters - all, what can be considered Russian heartland with a century of history. The modern city However unfair to consider Astrakhan frozen history. On the eve of his 450th anniversary is a modern and rapidly developing city, which is a foreign, Economic, Caspian Research Center, the southern outpost of the country. Every year the city prettier and develops. The upcoming anniversary - a great reason to turn the city into the capital of the Caspian - to improve the infrastructure to the European level, renovate facades and monuments for a decent meeting guests. Perhaps, in the number of tourists and you will find yourself. For dessert - видео о поездке в Астрахань http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = XWJXOn8qwEM

3 thoughts on “A trip to Astrakhan

  1. galya

    I'm from Astrakhan, nice to read so much good about our city. the main attraction- it certainly Astrakhan Kremlin. City every year develops, Now there are many shopping and entertainment complexes, where you can have a great time as a family. Astrakhan- multicultural city, and here you can taste the cuisine of different nations. And be sure to visit the lotus fields.

  2. Anatoly

    Something like this happened, in Astrakhan I've never been. Although there has long my colleague is calling me to visit. Indeed, some say, means, that he was not the city, and solid fisher's paradise. Perhaps next summer still be going, and to encourage co-worker in a couple of weeks away.

  3. Anna Pyatkina

    That's great, in Astrakhan is connected combination 3 Religions. Also, there are Cathedral of the Assumption, that is notable Orthodox Church, which is a city landmark. The city has a lot of white buildings, and, therefore, no wonder it is compared from St. Petersburg and called “the white city”.


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