Treatment and rehabilitation at health resorts of Romania

Romania - a country, having at their resorts with everything necessary for the prevention and treatment of disease. The bulk of the country is occupied and the foothills of the Carpathians, which is located near the 1/3 of all European mineral waters. Also, the country is rich in thermal springs, therapeutic mud, salt mines, lakes with salt water treatment. Romania - a mild climate, vegetables and fruits in large quantities, vineyards, resort medicine, as well as anti-aging courses. It is in this country have developed an elixir of youth - a means of Gerovital, widely used on the world-famous resorts in the world's best hospitals. Direct charter flight tour operator "Living Keys" in Transylvania can reduce distance to the resorts in Romania. Treatment and rest on the Romanian resorts may be more interesting due to excursions to castles and palaces, the stunning beauty of the monasteries, churches and temples. Probably will like nature reserve - the Danube Delta, vineyard, Bucharest and other memorials. Озерный курорт Курорт Совата находится в самом центре Трансильвании, in the Carpathians, on high 600 meters above sea level. The resort is located five salt lakes: Red, Black, Green, Урсу и Алуниш. The most famous is the solar thermal lake Ursu, salt water which has healing properties. Also, there are salt mines and sapropelic mud. Due to its healing properties, also known as the Transylvanian Ursu Dead Sea. We can successfully treat skin, gynecological, bronchopulmonary, locomotor, Diseases. Крупнейший термальный курорт в Румынии Городок Бэйле Феликс располагается на холмистой местности в 9 kilometers from Oradea at height 140 meters above sea level. It is the largest Romanian thermal spa, which is rich in radon springs with temperatures ranging from 32 to 49 degrees. In the treatment of gynecological, neurological, musculoskeletal diseases using sapropelic mud. «Жемчужина Трансильвании» Курорт Тушнад находится на западном склоне Восточных Карпат на берегах реки Олт и озера Чукаш. Due to its stunningly beautiful landscape of the city is also called "The Pearl of Transylvania". Fresh air, filled with ozone, dry carbon dioxide baths (мофетты), thermal and mineral water, subalpine climate - all contribute to the improvement and effectiveness of treatment. In medical terms resort universal. You can recover from the gastro-intestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, diseases of the endocrine system, kidney disease, Urinary tract, musculoskeletal, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Польза Слэник Молдовы Курорт Слэник Молдова находится на высоте 530 meters above sea level between the ridges of the Carpathians. This place is known for its mineral springs, salt mines, mofettoy. The therapeutic effect is enhanced by the soft and beautiful nature bioclimate. Румынское Мертвое море Эфорие Норд – курорт на румынском побережье Черного моря. He is known for Tekigiolu lake with salt water. Due to its medicinal properties lake was named after the famous all fellow - the Dead Sea, but only with the specification - Romanian. The lake is mined sapropelic mud, which due to its curative properties Award. The resort is designed for the treatment of skin diseases, neuralgia, musculoskeletal, Gynecology. The resort also possible to pass the course rejuvenation in a known manner by Anna Aslan.

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8 thoughts on “Treatment and rehabilitation at health resorts of Romania

  1. Ivan

    Was the Romanian resort of Jupiter, so often on the beach could see people, smeared with mud. The lake of mud was located between Jupiter and Neptune. Therapeutic mud that sold right along the coast. One can see, помогает 🙂

  2. РоманБ

    Moge has advised the town of Sinaia, there even used to work balneotherapeutic Hospital. Restore the health of those already, I just walk and breathe the mountain air!

  3. Gregory

    Often in Calimanesti-Kechulata. Beautiful mountain landscape. Dozens of unique sources of mineral water. And each one is different in their chemical composition. Many ancient monuments. Did the Romans and Moldavian rulers where the rest.

  4. Эмма

    Румынские Карпаты… Having been there once and my soul is torn ago!
    My choice was a thriving mining town ski Busteni.
    It comes from an interesting hiking mountain tours. I'm so cleared, that in a rented cottage just had dinner and slept )) And just see the sunrise at once put forward in the way – conquer the mountain tops!

  5. Антон

    I would like to visit at least one of these resorts, I have never received such treatments, and it would be interesting to. Although more interest is not so much the treatment, how many new places and nature.

  6. elena

    I liked the Romanian town of Pride, famous one of the largest salt mines. And after the treatment session can take a dip in the lake solenom. A wonderful place for recreation and relaxation.


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