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Every girl dreams of a beautiful tan flat. After a tan is attractive and enticing to the female body. But the trail of the leotard spoils all this splendor. Therefore, many women decide to sunbathe topless, to bring his dream into action. However, it is risky for breast and how do you properly sunbathe? These questions are answered by experts. Gynecologist luxury Olga Peter is often confronted with similar questions. Her answer is categorical - this way of tanning can be extremely hazardous to health, and then beauty does not cost such victims. Not worth the risk, if you already have some kind of disease in the breast care. Fact, that may provoke acute mastitis due to overheating and the open sunlight. When fibrocystic form, high risk of cell transformation in cancer. Also, those at risk, who on his chest in the presence of a large black moles are present. Under the influence of the sun, cells of these birthmarks can also mutate into cancer. Do not forget that, the skin on the breast is much more tender, than the skin on the hands or feet. therefore, due to prolonged exposure to the sun, it can become loose and supple. Because of this skin on the breast will quickly stretch. Especially dangerous ultraviolet radiation to Nipple. By tanning topless they can crack and become very rude. It is therefore, solariums always give special pads, superimposed on the nipples. However, these dangers do not mean, that just can not sunbathe topless. If you approach this matter wisely and learn how to tan - we can do without consequences. The main thing to remember - keep the chest open in the sun for a while can be no more, than five minutes! This should be done in the hours. When the sun is at its zenith, that is, until 11 morning after 16 hours. Dermatologists strongly recommend pre-applied to the skin of the breast cream to protect against harmful UV rays. This facility should be at least 30 units, and for those, who have very fair skin, the number of units should be at least 40. Little difference in the impact of UV rays on the beach or in the solarium is not. True, in the summer it is better not to visit a solarium. After all, the skin receives an additional stream of ultraviolet rays, even if you do not tan in the sun. The thing is, that in the summer we go to open clothing and due to this and get that extra dose of sun. Also in the solarium is not desirable to go after sunbathing in the sun, as this can provoke burns. The advantages of the solarium to treat it, exposure to beam intensity can be adjusted, Why not do it on a regular beach. But the downside is, that the radiation source to be very close to the skin, that brings additional harm. Therefore it is better to choose those solariums, which set a protective filter. Many are also interested in the question - is it possible to sunbathe, if you are taking medication. In particular if the pill. Pharmacologist Natalia Lebedeva agrees, Some drugs can indeed reinforce harmful UV. So before sunbathing, you need to check with a physician-pharmacist, Could this medication cause aggravation for the body while sunbathing. But there is a list of drugs, which clearly should not be taken. These are medications such as: - sulfonamides; - ibuprofen preparations; - diuretic drugs; - medicines for people, heart failure; - sedatives. Also, should not sunbathe for longer 20 minute, if a person takes anti-allergic agents , and oral contraceptives. Some men wonder - whether venereal disease affect the potency and cause infertility. This question provides information Armais Kamalov, Head. Department of Urology Institute of Medical Sciences, of them died. m. n., professor: - You can not say one hundred percent, that this possibility is completely ruled out. To be absolutely sure that, must pass the semen analysis in urological stations. But panic is not necessary. If treatment was timely and conducted in full, there is no reason to think, that the infection can get into the prostate gland. But all the same, If there is any doubt, it is best to consult a doctor. This disease can cause infertility, but this is only possible in the case, when the disease was protracted infection and there is a long time. But if it was just an episode, which was immediately cured, you should not be afraid. Critical days for women are always associated with some discomfort. It happens, that menstruation begins at the worst possible moment - on vacation. And very often it happens suddenly and completely unexpectedly. Such cases are not uncommon and have their scientific explanation. Fact, that the abrupt change in climate and time zones have their effect on the body. Therefore, a change in production of female hormones. To normalize the hormones women, it would be nice during the holidays at sea to use special homeopathic remedies. But the important thing is not to forget, These tools are especially individual and need to be chosen very carefully, respectively, with his body. Therefore, before choosing such tablets, better to take advice from her gynecologist. Menstruation can really mess up a lot, but such an option does not suit a lot of girls. So they decide not to spend your vacation wasted and decide to sunbathe and swim. But on the correctness of this approach consults a gynecologist Olga Peter: - from the point of view of medicine such an act - folly. During the critical days of the female organs are most vulnerable to penetration of various harmful infections. Also, during menstruation, infection can go directly into the uterus. And the tan is also not particularly useful in these days. Probable risk. What month of the Sun will last longer and run much more painful. On vacation and you should not rely on the reliability of the calendar method. Given the, that this technique in itself is not especially reliable, then during the rest it becomes completely unnecessary. Because climate change may fail cycle. Then these safe days can automatically turn into a dangerous.

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10 thoughts on “How to sunbathe – Expert Tips

  1. Oksana

    Very useful article, I have light skin, so always use a cream with a high protection factor. Noticed, that if I leave the house before that forgetting, apply on face day cream with UV protection, skin is covered with pimples.
    Many times read that it is best not to bare breasts as fraught with malignant disease, Another confirmation of this article.
    Thanks to the author, for the care and advice for tanning, I will use them.

  2. Natasha33

    Wow. So get out sunbathing on the beach, and come back with a developing cancer, wow!
    Infer, that doing the right thing, preferring to sunbathe in a bathing suit, and not topless.

  3. Tatiana

    Thanks for the great tips. Now the topic is really relevant Sun, so you need to know how to sunbathe. So I do not even thought about, you can not sunbathe, taking some of preparatov.Teper'll know! And as for sunbathing topless, I will say one thing: it is better not to risk their health for the sake of a beautiful tan.

  4. Daria

    Read the article, had learned about new products and their incompatibility with the tan, as well as, what time of the month, too, do not have to tan. Very interesting article from a medical point of view!

  5. Adiana

    Everyone knows the limits of his body, so the sun must accordingly, neglect the means of protection is certainly not worth, as overreliance sunbathing can lead to skin cancer, also be useful and enjoyable evening just before the sun.

  6. Dmitry

    Everything is good in moderation. And tan including. And the best way to take sun bath in the early morning and late afternoon. But not if, when the sun is at its zenith.

  7. Anastasia

    And I do fear sunbathing. I have very fair skin and after sun exposure I am covered with freckles and moles. And the skin does not darken, and blushes. After the convergence of redness I'm as white, as was. And it is very easy to burn down, if you do not use ton of special funds.

  8. Наталья

    The article is very pleased. I have no problem with the tan, the nature of the skin and so dark. For security reasons, try to sunbathe in the morning and afternoon hours, when the sun is not as active. That's about the administration of drugs is the first time I've heard. Thank you, take into account.


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