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Each person has their own idea about the rest. Individual. Someone wants only one thing - to lie on the beach all day, looking at the beautiful scenery and occasionally introducing variety into his lying reluctant to splashing in the sea. comments, this type of holiday can be very boring after the first day.

There are people, to go crazy from the idea of ​​a healthy holiday. Conquer the summit and see the mountains - it, of course beautiful, but sometimes it is very tiring.

And what about those people, who do not perceive any monotonous lying, no mad race through the mountains and tedious trips? For them, too, there is a kind of rest. This cruise ship. You can completely forget about all the everyday problems and shortcomings - they are passed on to the organizers of the cruise.

So you can select all, whatever your heart desires - whether to lie on the deck in a chaise lounge, contemplating the magnificent and mighty ocean, or else to be active and run, work out in the parking lots of green. But then again, you can rest. But what about seeing something interesting? Here cruises speak for themselves. A trip by boat from Moscow to St. Petersburg, for example, considered one of the most popular cruise routes. A great variety of travel companies can offer all sorts of variations of this itinerary. Thus, You can even see a hitherto unknown, the old Russian city. After, the choice is made in favor of the ship. Need to go to the river station. And there are already standing and waiting cruise ship. In the port is better to come in advance of departure, it is desirable for a couple of hours. Departure passes fun - with orchestras and songs. And, of course, traditional "March Slav" as the anthem mourners. The main thing - do not blunder when choosing a tour and buy the, which is intended for a foreign body. In this case,, the customer will be absolutely incomprehensible that entertainment, to be offered. therefore, if you do not want to feel like a foreigner in his native country - it is better not to risk. The first, what happens when you hit the boat - it's settling into the cabin. Further determined that table in a restaurant, for which the client will continue to sit. Next time spent on analysis and suitcases on obzhivanie cabins. In the cabins for everything has its place - and for an umbrella in case of unexpected rain, both the camera and the camera,, and for personal belongings. After, as the ship has moved into the path of, immediately grow roots deck, where tourists can admire the surrounding views. These decks are the most popular. The original way - it's Evening Moscow, Himkinskoe reservoir and channel name-Moskvы. No wonder, that even if not all Muscovites watched their city is from the boat, then the foreign guests of the city it will be even more interesting in a hundred times. That's why these cruises is always interesting from an aesthetic point of view. As long as the ship has just started its move, You can see the plan of decks. This is very useful, as the big boat is easy to get lost, for example, when visiting a restaurant. Unbelievable, but the fact is - as a rule, neighbors at a table in a restaurant are friendly and very accommodating. So that, even if the client is resting on a cruise one, then find a nice and interesting company in the cellar. And if you do not like to meet in a restaurant - no problem, in the evening, as a rule, a disco, where all the tourists will come together. And who knows, maybe that's where you can find not only new friends, but also a new love. A late very pleased by the fact, that morning on the boat never starts early. Therefore can be any roll in the cabin. And best of all - to go on deck and soak in the warm sun and feeling the pleasant coolness of the water. Then all the tourists call for breakfast at the restaurant. Most, On the second day passes acquaintance with the whole crew of the ship. Also, tourists will be acquainted with those, who will entertain visitors while traveling. Guided tours in the captain's cabin and the cockpit driver ship. On the liner acts marine radio. According to it, the information is transmitted on the cities, who runs the ship. Addition, Radio also reported all sorts of cognitive information about the places, where the liner. So even in this cruise can gain knowledge. Once the ancient city will begin, begin and excursions and outings to the green parking. In the evening - the disco and general activities for the entire ship. So the probability to get bored in this cruise is zero. By the evening of the second day, at the rate of liner will Uglich. Offered a sightseeing tour of the city. It is better to accept, because Uglich - this is a very beautiful little town, which at one time, had a significant impact on the fate of Russia. After Uglich next stop - this is the Rybinsk Reservoir. You should not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the city of Rybinsk. There are many interesting places. But it is considered, The most interesting place is not a museum with a very good, for the provincial city, collection (museum, by the way, A former Corn Exchange), and a statue of Lenin. One can wonder - what of the ordinary in this monument, are a dime a dozen in the country? There he presented a bit unusual for a monument - in a warm fur hat and in the same warm fur coat. Sculptor sculpture made from the southern republic and decided to join in the monument the most expensive in its view items for Chief. Third day - the city of Yaroslavl. Excursion to the city includes a mandatory visit to the Kremlin. Tour bus. Yaroslavl admire from a ship can be long, because it is believed, his most beautiful beach. The next morning, the journey is a little change - it will pass through the Volga-Baltic Waterway. The liner has been going on in the northern part and it will be noticeable by nature, which will have a shade north. This is shown even by the color of the sky, that little will change. The first stop will be the north jetty Gorica. It can be seen from a distance through the myriad domes and churches. The bus tour also offers a trip to Kirilov, where Cyril-Belozersky monastery with thick walls and strong towers. This monastery on the scales, size and strength, in no way inferior to the Kremlin. comments, go there without desire does not necessarily. You can just see the Gorki Monastery, which is open for tourist visits. Another attraction of this town is the Kizhi. Here, visitors are greeted bell ringing. In addition to architecture, may seem very interesting and the focus of local residents. They make a constant emphasis on the "o", and it is at first very surprised and causes a healthy interest. The path continues and now he is on the Svir River to the city Svirstroy. Usually, here are mostly visiting the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery. But, if the day is very hot, you should not deny yourself the pleasure to go to the pond, which is located on the outskirts of the village. The water in this pond is very well heated. It is believed, that bathing in it gives a new vitality. Therefore, experienced tourists will never give up swimming in it. During the White Nights has a special magic Lake Ladoga. Those, who have been in St. Petersburg, faced with the white nights, and know all their originality, but even they will be surprised, it looks like in nature. And finally, St. Petersburg, purpose of the whole trip. For an introduction to this wonderful city will be very little of one or two days. Therefore, this city a better place to visit alone, specially. However, for general information and fluent enough for the bus trip. Different travel companies are slightly different routes. Some specify, no stop at the island of Baal will be up to his arrival in Peter, and some stop after. But do not worry. Anyway, these places are not minuyutsya. The difference is only in the direction of the route. Balaam - the island, that looks like a lump of basalt. Previously, the pilgrims came to the island. Architecture and nature on the island - just fabulous. Those, who visited the Valaam, still consider it the most beautiful place on earth. So do not go on a tour of this island - it's a sin. Returning always seems shorter, and it is recognized by all. Therefore, the liners are trying to support this impression, so that on the way back is less stops. However, we can not ignore the stop in Petrozavodsk, Mishinsky and Irma. In Petrozavodsk, tourists will appreciate the magnificent museum "Polar Odyssey", as well as all sorts of souvenir naborchiki, made of birch wood. This set will appeal to any skeptic and permanently memorializing the memory of this cruise. In Irma is most often done green parking, but in Mishinsky tourists are met mouse. But do not worry - they are not real. Actors mouse cheer tourists, because in Mishinsky - cult mice, which is only created a positive image. Always sad to leave the ship. Многие часто вспоминают веселые компании, meeting new friends and sightseeing tours. Cruise usually lasts for two weeks, sometimes 11 days. If you add up all that comfort, proposed, it turns, that the amount is very, very real. In principle, money on a cruise only need to buy gifts and souvenirs. Tour prices, naturally, included in the cruise fare. And given the high level of competitiveness, you can be sure, cruise that will take place at the highest level. Many are worried about food while traveling. Sure, can not be guaranteed, that the skills of cooks will be at the highest level and will suit absolutely everyone. However, complaints about the food during the cruise, no one was. Moreover - many returned home with 2-3 overweight. On the ships can use the swimming pool, fitness center. On the green parking lots can dive and swim. If the weather is good, a deck - a great place for sunbathing. Therefore, a cruise can satisfy all.

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  1. Irene

    Once in a lifetime traveling by boat. Loved. Do not even feel. that you go. The motor ship was very big, several floors. The first two floors under the car, Other passengers. There has been a lot of shops and entertainment. A feeling, do not you go on the boat, as you walk through the city!

  2. Michael

    На катерах ездил несколько раз и даже подолгу, а вот на теплоходе ни разу. Interestingly, there claustrophobia not torment?


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