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Love to travel and explore their own interest themselves? Berlin - City, in which you do not need a tour guide, because all the sights Berlin's interesting and attractive even without additional information. Some take a bicycle. Travel to Berlin by bike - a great way to save time, money, as well as a vacation for the benefit of the soul and health. On what we pay attention, traveling to Berlin by bike? Many travelers are advised to start with the symbol of the city - the Brandenburg Gate. Once they were considered the main entrance to Berlin, but now these gates are in the heart of the capital. You can imagine the size of the city. But, What is most surprising, Берлин, even though the title of metropolis, not a concrete jungle. Opposite, it is a combination of nature and architecture. It should be noted, that the Germans are very cherish nature.

Museums in Berlin are also interested in, and the tickets for the exhibition of many of them relatively inexpensive. That is, before you open a new opportunity to spend time in Berlin with benefit. But remember, No need to look for opportunities - they need to use!

For dessert - видео экскурсии по Берлину

8 thoughts on “Travel to Berlin

  1. Sergei

    Have long wanted to visit Berlin, I hope, that my dream will sooner or later be realized. A very beautiful city by the descriptions!

  2. Helen

    Has recently been on tour in Germany. I saw a lot of beautiful cities, but Berlin is very different from the others for its architecture. A very beautiful city. I would like once again to visit.

  3. Ivan

    Thanks for the article. Here's the other day we took a tour with a girl in Germany, that will visit.

  4. Алла

    Read the article and the memories came flooding back. Fact, that my childhood was spent near Berlin and in the city I had so many times. A wonderful city in all respects. who was not, I recommend to visit, experience will be a mass.

  5. Amarillys

    I traveled the whole of Germany and down, and I can say, that there is much more beautiful city of Berlin. Baden-Baden, for example…

  6. sideways

    Berlin is the heart of Europe's underground!Terrific place for shopping,Me and comprehensive study of contemporary culture!

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