A trip to Aktobe

Each trip must be prepared in advance, to not just inspect all, that comes, and not miss anything worth while. If you decide to go in Aktobe, you should know, What is interesting in this city you can see. This city is very beautiful. To get a full view of it, some little walks. In Aktobe has four museums: - Regional History Museum. - A memorial museum. Молдагуловой. - Museum of art and decorative arts. - Музей «Руханият». The most interesting, of course, museum of art and decorative arts. There will always be able to find you fascinating exhibition, exposure and more. Also experienced travelers are advised to visit the Hippodrome in Aktobe. Communicating with horses will give you unforgettable emotions, complement the warmth of life. Also at this meeting you have a great opportunity to ride on horseback, naturally, under the supervision of an instructor.

Aktobe known as a green city. It has several large parks in the territory: Park "The Aviator", Park 'Retro', Park named after the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Назарбаева (11 md.), as well as many avenues, squares and boulevards.


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  1. Dmitry

    Ваша статья очень мне помогла! Еще до приезда в Актюбинск я знал куда пойду. Посетил все четыре музея. Город очень понравился: много парков и аллей. Очень чистый и зеленый город. Советую всем посетить этот сказочный город.


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