Attractions Uralsk (Journey)

Uralsk - big beautiful city, worth a visit. There is a, where to walk, explore the many attractions, take a picture.

What's worth knowing tourist Uralsk, so as not to miss the fun? Uralsk managed to get through the war and preserve its historic character. Evidence of this - ancient architectural monument. So, for example, Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Archangel Michael Cathedral became the main historical attractions of the city. By the way, popularly known as the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour "golden church".

Next to the church is a museum of Pugachev. Many of the old architectural masterpieces of the city and are now serving its intended purpose - is pharmacy Strauss, training college, Theater named after Gagarin and more. In Uralsk preserved and Rotunda, installed before the revolution.

Bust of Nicholas II, son of Alexander II, once housed in the rotunda. Leisure park on the shore of Chagan is the oldest in all Kazakhstan, and now it attracts hundreds of tourists. The beauty of nature is felt in the park around the! It is beautiful at any time of the year. So a trip to Uralsk in advance is going to be successful.

For dessert - видео путешествие в город Уральск

3 thoughts on “Attractions Uralsk (Journey)

  1. Alexey

    I did not know, that there is such a beautiful city in Russia! Sorry, summer is ending, so I would definitely went on a trip to Uralsk.

  2. antonella

    Even in the times of the USSR would like to travel all the republic, but it did not work out, although it was more available. But in any city is something to see, all the features. Uralsk seems to be a familiar name, but I was not there, it's a pity, because I can see there is something to see.


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