Трентино – Ski resorts in Italy

Sunny slopes of Trentino - that's where the journey begins skiers, visited the Italian resorts.

Go here is all, who enjoys downhill skiing. Beginners and experienced athletes will find to their liking ski slopes: and simple, and more complex. Trails are varied and well-appointed.

The ski resort Trentino you can enjoy skiing and, and the charm of the landscape. Before you open the magnificent beauty of the place, Dolomites, where the ruler met his princess.

Throughout the region, you can safely move on skis, If necessary - to skibasah. No queues at the lifts due to high speed. For lovers of extreme sports, there are steep slopes, dizzying pirouettes, springboards, equipped with all the safety rules. One of the most popular destinations - Ursus Snowpark, basically there sent billionaires.

The bravest freestylers can ride in snow parks, which are scattered throughout the region of Trentino.

Whichever resort you choose in the region of Trentino, best reached by a comfortable bus Fly ski shuttle, Bus departs from the airports of Venice, Bergamo and many other. You can book tickets online, as low in one direction 18 euro.

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