Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh - a resort in Egypt, Located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. The city's name in Arabic can be translated as "Bay of Sheikh '. Sharm el-Sheikh - one of Egypt's most prestigious resorts on the Red Sea, where you can have a good rest. true, Be prepared to, that the cost of the permit will be expensive. Unlike other resorts in Egypt, are wide avenues and alleys, and there are no dirty alleys and byways. The resort is abundant bays and coves with wonderful sandy beaches. Holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh promises to be unforgettable. Tourists, including Russians, lodge in hotels with 4-5 Stars. Sharm El Sheikh is very diverse and can offer a holiday for all tastes.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, a highly developed tourism infrastructure. Diving is especially popular among extreme tourists, who like the rich underwater world of the Red Sea. Also, a resort town known for its nightlife: there are many night clubs, restaurants and casinos. For lovers of active holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh is a paradise.

Due to the hot climate travel and tours in Sharm el-Sheikh are made throughout the year. People come back to this Egyptian resort every year, to enjoy this unforgettable vacation.

Well, a few photos from our holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh

Отдых в Шарм-эль-Шейх Шарм-эль-Шейх – один из престижнейших курортов Египта

Video holidays in Sharm el_Sheyhe

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5 thoughts on “Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

  1. Marina

    Insanely want to rest in Egypt and it is in Sharm el-Sheikh. Prices for holidays now fallen very, но и ситуация там напряженная. Не опасно ли ехать? Или для туристов не будет проблем?


    Амжад Reply:

    Привет Марина, меня зовут Амжад, с удовольствием подскажу насчет отдыха в Египте, Though the situation is not the best out there, but this does not apply to tourists view the entire get-together takes place mainly in Cairo and to the resorts is not relevant, but once again it is necessary to make sure! I wish you a pleasant stay!


  2. Olga

    Очень необычна прогулка на судне с прозрачным днищем – можно любоваться всей красотой моря. Берите фотик для подводной съемки, ведь запечатлеть захочется каждый метр водного пространства.


  3. Ludmila

    Такой отдых – It `s that, что надо. А главное стоимость адекватна. Ситуация в стране, of course, несколько внушает опасения, но при иных обстоятельствах – просто сказка!


  4. Anna

    В прошлом году отдыхала в Шарм-эль-Шейх, loved it. В этом году из-за обостренной ситуации в стране, не решилась повторить поездку.



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