Аквариум в Дубай Молл

In life, everyone has a dream. When it is executed, pity it is not necessary. And impressions - the mass. This can be said about visiting the aquarium .... Located in Дубай Молл Aquarium 2 floor houses the 10 Million. liters. It inhabit a wide variety of residents of the deep sea - from innocuous small fish to bloodthirsty sharks, moray eels and rays. This variety of tropical fish, хамуры, ramps, and, of course, most popular of the inhabitants of the aquarium - Tiger Sharks. Dubai Mall allows you to fulfill a dream to visit the underwater kingdom. Imagine - a lot of viewers, a huge aquarium with sharks and lucky, wished to delve into the world of extraordinary beauty.

By the way, Do not think, that the tour of the aquarium - a risky business. During the existence of the aquarium accidents are not recorded.

Part of the first floor of Dubai Mall Aquarium is a tunnel, where the walls - acrylic mirror. For a small fee, any visitor can walk through the tunnel, or go to the Marine Research Center. And, you can ride in an unusual glass-bottom boat and visit the underwater zoo, inhabited by seals, Humboldt penguins and otters. Dubai Mall gives you a dream come true!

Видео аквариума в Дубай Молл http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=738mcKqy--E

3 thoughts on “Аквариум в Дубай Молл

  1. Svetlana

    Dubai – город мечты! Причём не только для туриста, но и просто для человека, который там живёт. Давно коплю о нём интересные факты (вот ещё один – огромный аквариум!) и надеюсь, a dream that one day see it with my own eyes realized!

  2. Catherine

    Another man-made wonder of the world! Was in aquariums than once, but this, I think, surpass all my expectations!

  3. Тимоха Богдан

    City of oriental tale, who has been there all my life that will pull in Dubai. The city is rich with many attractions, that will not leave anyone indifferent.


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