Freedom-loving Mexico - Teotihuacan

Tourists in Mexico involve five-star hotels and beautiful beaches, as well as the famous Teotihuacan. To, remember to stay, do not need to be limited to only visit Mexico City. In a provincial town, and guided tours.

Mexico - the keeper of historical monuments. Maya and Aztecs left plenty of evidence of its existence and previous ancient civilizations. They were building so, that inside the buildings were "mothballed" many ancient treasures. It is unspeakably happy archaeologists today.

Yucatan Peninsula interests of numerous pyramids, among which the most famous Chichen Itza. It is popular among tourists and the ancient Mayan city of Palenque, which is located in the jungle. It is home to many monkeys and toucans. But the main goal of all the tourist tours - it Teotihuacan. They come here for a reason and enlightenment, to see firsthand all that, as many times read. Xochimilco - Mexico City suburb, by using it to swim vivid pleasure boats. All over the world there is no better Mexican beaches with white sand and clear water. The beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels in Cancun will give a wonderful holiday, seasoned with spicy Mexican food and rousing songs. Dessert for today - видео Теотиукана в Мексике

2 thoughts on “Freedom-loving Mexico - Teotihuacan

  1. Yevgeny Bespalov

    Visit such a place should every fan of the pyramids and beautiful temples, as well as the ancient civilizations. This place is on my list of those places, I have to visit in this lifetime.


  2. Alimat

    You have forgotten to mention delicious and memorable Mexican cuisine and the famous tequila, -I've seen it more than a hundred varieties!



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