Лучшие города для совершения покупок

The best city for shopping (shopping) – London

Fashionistas from all over the world annually visit dozens of cities in search of just such a garment, shoes and accessories, that would satisfy their refined taste and exacting. Therefore, an assessment of cities, where to shop - a pleasure! London has the highest variety and number of places to shop and the best city for shopping especially in the discount season. To hit, curiously enough, satisfied customers, as well as transport, and hotel business. Can not be said about the convenience of shopping.

The Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona have performed equally on the criteria of climate, Transportation, Infrastructure.

Paris throughout was at a high level. Но о доступности Shopping-центров говорить трудно.

In Rome, the transport leaves much to be desired. But save the city from the wrath fashionistas availability of outlets.

Dessert for today - video Bicester Shopping Village in London

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqvRbcLYfu4 Видео шоппинга в торговом центре Westfield в Лондоне http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2kJTZNvEzk

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  1. lidia

    Unfortunately, in the village of shopingovogo in London failed to visit, but I was in a couple of English shops, I can say that the shoes are quite extravagant.



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