Diving in Kemer - underwater tour

In the period May-September off the coast of Kemer, the surface temperature of the Mediterranean Sea about 25 degrees. However, the depth of water by five degrees cooler. Transparent sea, sandy bottom, strong underwater currents and waves are absent. It's time for scuba diving - diving. Initial classes are held in pools, then on "Open Water". Diving skills are not needed. You only need a good health, enthusiasm and money. Beginners usually learn diving in shallow water, where do they go on yachts. Between the city Кемером and the coastal village of Kiris has three bays, which was chosen specifically for training novice divers.

Bay "Aquarium"

Sheltered from the winds and waves, densely populated with all sorts of underwater creatures, Bay "Aquarium" is very picturesque and memorable. Bay is perfectly safe. The dives are carried out on 3-6 meters. Experienced instructors will accompany beginners.

Bay "Kabarzhyk"

Diving depth up 18 meters, that is of interest even among professionals. Two half-flooded cave, barracuda, moray eels and mysterious twilight - all this makes a dive in the Bay of interesting and memorable.

Дайвинг в Кемере – подводная экскурсия

Bay "Lighthouse"

Immersed in the 10 meters, You can see the entrance to the underwater tunnel. It is a fabulous sight. Exotic underwater creatures can be photographed for memory. Obviously, that the only immersion can not do here.

Dives, usually, evoke strong appetite. Dine and relax to the sounds of Turkish music, sipping cool drinks, can be on a yacht. In such a trip and you can take the kids along. For them, the three hours cruise fly completely unnoticed, on the yacht they will not be bored.

Professional diving

In the Mediterranean Sea in Kemer 1995 was discovered the sunken ship "Paris". It rests on a sandy bottom. The depth at this point is 30 meters. This "Paris" has sunk in the First World War. Despite holed below the waterline, ship perfectly preserved and is a highly respected subject for professional divers diving. The ship is very beautiful on the outside, and within. He wore a lot of artifacts, which makes it extremely attractive. It will be a memorable and colorful adventure, that will leave a lot of impressions.

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  1. Zhanna

    Note: excursions to purchase eksbyuro,instead of the guides, save a good dengi.Posle payment, you give out a sheet showing when,how much and what kind of tour will be.


  2. Valeria

    How is this underwater environment is impressive and fascinating. I would like to be among such beautiful inhabitants, approach and even touch them, to truly experience, it's not a fabulous dream. But diving – this passion for the brave, not everyone dares to dive to a depth.


  3. Anna

    Always considered, that the Mediterranean “empty” and not interesting for diving. How many times was, never sank. Next time, be sure to try, comparable to the Red Sea.


  4. Sergei

    Always wanted to go diving ! What , its stunning beauty and fantastic scenery , paintings will open eyes when diving . Much captures the spirit of the thought !


  5. Helen

    This summer has participated in these tours. Christ, as it was delicious!!!!!! What sort of scenery! An unforgettable experience!!!!


  6. Irina

    read the article, was surprised by an enthusiastic description of the dive is in the Mediterranean Sea, before heard such eloquent descriptions in relation to the Red Sea, least, may be worth considering and scuba dive during your next vacation in Turkey?! and yet, after the beauty of the Red Sea I will be disappointed?!



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