Sea fishing in Thailand in Phuket, video

Sea fishing on the island of Phuket - amazing katernogo walk to the islands of Ko Racha Noi and Ko Racha Yai. You do not have to do: hard-working Thais themselves will prepare all the necessary gear. And you'll take pleasant sunbathing and ensure that, Do not caught on a hook some impressive resident of the ocean depths. And do not worry: Thais tactfully you will lose the right to pull out a huge big fish. The main thing - to wait in line and believe in your fortune.

Despite that, that on Phuket often catch young tuna, Many anglers still manages to get hold of valuable specimens: marlin, Wahoo, sailboat or even dorado. Caught fish is cooked and served by the Thais on the table after cooking, or in the form of a delicious cheese sauce.

Рай для рыболовов на Пхукете (Морская рыбалка в Тайланде на острове Пхукет)

Near the island of Phuket fishing is momentarily suspended, and happy members can take a dip in the azure waters of the ocean.

Highlights of the trip - it, Of course, walks accompanied by close friends. For a joint trip you can rent a boat.

Dessert for today - video, Fishing In Phuket Thailand (Sea fishing in Thailand Island of Phuket) = pWL7LP5OMQk

7 thoughts on “Sea fishing in Thailand in Phuket, video

  1. Karl89

    How interesting they are fishing. I would like to try his hand at fishing. Awesome, that everything is thought out for tourists. You can relax with a swim.

  2. Andrew

    There is nothing complicated about this fishing. Wife caught fish with its size, Thais helped haul and prepared. True vvosmerom we have not mastered )

  3. Наталья

    My husband and I are going to go there for a vacation. Thailand was chosen due to fishing, He likes me to sit with a fishing rod)

  4. Nikolai

    At the end of this year going for a move to Phuket and such fishing is, maybe, one of the favorite hobbies.

  5. Nikolai

    Excellent holiday, himself go fishing with 5 Years. Все время ловил в пресноводных водоемах, хочется экзотики.


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