The unique architecture of St. Petersburg - an alloy of times and epochs

In the family of the most beautiful cities of Europe St. Petersburg occupies a special place. In any city in the world is not represented as bright mix of architectural directions 18-19 Ages. But the main decoration of the city considered as the unique structures, buildings and baroque ensembles(begining 18 century), classicism (second half 19 century), modern (end 19 century). Its architecture is competing with Moscow since the early days of the start of construction, but in the guise of St. Petersburg immediately reflected traits of European architecture, because he thought Peter was originally as the cultural capital, different from Moscow in form and substance. Петергоф. Could Peter suggests, that the city is laid on the Neva River will become one of the most beautiful in Europe. Probably. The idea of ​​the progressive Russian Tsar was in the creation of cultural capital is not unlike any other Russian city, and at the same time, the architecture of St. Petersburg had become a recognizable and distinctive. Previously, Peter visited a variety of purposes in the most beautiful European cities, and of course he was impressed by the unique identity of cities in Italy, France, Netherlands. To create the first architectural ensembles Peter invited the best European architects architecture, mostly French and Italians. It was during this period (until the middle 18 century) and having first masterpieces unique Petrine Baroque. On the appearance of St. Petersburg that period heavily influenced and restrained German-Dutch forms of architecture. After the death of Peter the aspirations of his daughter Queen Elizabeth luxury best fit the theme of European Baroque, which is reflected in the splendor and magnificence of the St. Petersburg palaces of the nobility. In subsequent periods the pages of history gave Petersburg its unique features, pronounced in architecture. The reign of Catherine the Great - in a harmonious order of classicism, the era of Alexander I - in the monumental and majestic image of archaic architecture, middle 19 century - in St. Petersburg eclectic, in a new and progressive for that time, mixing romanticism, Gothic, Renaissance, antiquity. the end 19 century is reflected in the Petersburg Art Nouveau, with his delicate silhouettes, beautiful ornaments and a free layout of rooms. It is no coincidence the best historic hotels in St. Petersburg Nevsky district placed in such buildings. Each epoch Petersburg formed a beautiful form. In total, the "city on the Neva" There are more than 10 Representatives of architectural styles. Beauty of Russia's cultural capital affects harmonious polyphony and unique fusion of styles in a single metropolitan area of ​​the city.

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