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Holidays in the UK


Едем в “Страну чудес”!

All, кто в детстве был знаком с творчеством Л. Кэрролла, приглашаются в Страну чудес, возведённую в Оксфорде. По-умолчанию Оксфорд вызывает в сознании граждан знаменитый университет, gave birth to countless pundits, but not everyone knows, that Oxford is one of the favorite tourist destinations of many world travelers.


On a visit to the Queen of England!

And here came the long-awaited vacation ...

The country chosen for a tourist trip - England. Let's try to understand the mentality of the local inhabitants, to maximize feel comfortable in their company.
To begin with, that Great Britain - an island nation, whose residents hardcore individualists. The main thing in the life of every Briton - home. This is the core value of each and every inhabitant of this island.