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Holidays in France


Parizh – мечта наяву!

France - amazing beauty of the country and the birthplace of fashion.

Paris all recognizable!

Walking through Paris left fond memories in my heart. At dusk, His Majesty Paris, turns into a romantic place, illuminated by millions of lights. In the evening, you are invited to see Paris from the Eiffel Tower, go on a cruise on the river Seine. The river divides the city into a right and left bank.


Travel Valentine's Day in Paris

Travel Valentine's Day in Paris, certainly, the most romantic holiday of the year - this Valentine's Day. Therefore it is very important to prepare for this remarkable event in advance. What could be better, than to spend a romantic and exciting journey with a loved one in this magical day?

An unforgettable stay in a fabulous Monaco

An unforgettable stay in a fabulous Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, well located in a turn of the Cote d'Azur resorts, is an example of a carefree existence and heavenly life for millions of people. Really, in this tiny European country life is more like a colorful tale, Hollywood director to film, than the reality of our world.