In which countries can I go on vacation without a visa

Information about countries, in which the Russians can go on vacation without a visa.

I would like to Europe or Japan, but do need a visa destroys all plans…
Really, there are situations, when the guide provides an unexpected holiday and is only two days to pack, while a visa is required 1-2 weeks. Or do you have an informal wage, a visa is needed for the income statement. Of course, Egypt and Turkey have, where a visa is glued at the airport upon arrival, but they are a bit bored…
Faced with a similar problem, some travelers have to choose a place of rest, making a start in the first place on, where to go on vacation without a visa. To our delight, there are a number of countries, where a visa is not required, or put on the border.
1. Хорватия, raskinuvshayasya vdoly lazurnogo Adriaticheskogo plague. In lyubimoy horvatami Legende, kogda God sozdaval Nashua planetu and kazhdomu mestu of earthworks dostaval around backpacks and donated their sokrovishta, bag broke, treasures spilled on the ground, and it happened in Croatia… Since then, the most beautiful thing, that is in the nature, you'll find here – clean sea, sunny beaches, beautiful mountains, weight of plant and animal, and built in different centuries temples, amphitheatres, medieval town with narrow streets, drop down into the water. There is also the National Park Plitvice Lakes, which is considered one of the modern wonders of the world.
2. Thailand - a paradise for lovers of exotic. In Thailand, all unusual for us: representations of snakes and crocodiles, Thai national show, Buddha temples and palaces of ancient Siam, paradise island Phuket, Koh Samui, Wee-wee. A particularly intriguing possibility to go for a few days into the country, overcoming of the way that the elephants, then walk along the path of the jungle, then by boat on the River Kwai, and then spend the night in a small hotel without electricity, enjoying the pristine silence and almost untouched nature.
3. Dominican Republic, Seychelles, Maldives, Bahamas - the names of these islands promise absolute comfort, palm beaches and five-star hotels to the most exacting taste.
4. The island of Bali (Indonesia) - Is, Certainly, the dream of all newlyweds. Honeymoon here we can draw in local traditions, rented bungalow on the water, where you will find a bed in the form of heart, white national tunics, aromas of fine orchid and ylang-ylang. Bali - it is also the island of many adventures, среди которых – climb to the top of the volcano and dive into the depths of the ocean to the remains of sunken ships.
5. Morocco - African countries, located at the crossroads of European and Muslim civilizations. Casablanca, Marrakech, FES, Meknes, masterpieces of Arab architecture and medieval European culture, as well as excellent thalassotherapy centers and prestigious sports clubs - that's what attracts Morocco at any time of the year.
6. Cuba - an island of freedom, Roma, Cigars and Hemingway. It is a dream for those, who heard about the hospitality and impulsiveness Cubans, endless beaches of Varadero and Havana merry night, Who leads not just a beautiful place on the planet, but the Spirit of Cuba and its special atmosphere.

Here are a few of the country, where a visa is not required, or put on the border: Vietnam, Israel, Montenegro, Малайзия, Nepal, Тунис, Jamaica.

Выбор за вами!

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