Winter holidays in Latvia

If you decide to spend your winter vacation to visit in Latvia, you can find lots of interesting and useful activities. You can ride a horse-drawn carriage, healthier in the strange country bath or a luxury SPA-hotel. For lovers of skiing slopes are specially equipped in Vidzeme, as well as the picturesque town of Cesis. In the steep banks of the river Gauja in ravines are slalom slopes. At night, they are covered, therefore Sigulda - one of the most popular places for skiing. The area is often referred to as small Switzerland. In the city and in the vicinity of a large number of suitable fairing and great restaurants with European and national cuisine. For history lovers, there is a pleasant surprise - in Cesis and Sigulda are the ruins of medieval castles and monuments. Winter in Latvia, you can visit the famous bakery "Bears". Her owners offer their own bake bread, Using an old recipe. For children, there is also an exciting experience, for example, build a house of gingerbread cookies. Bread, "Laci" unique! You will not find nowhere more so tasty and fragrant pastries, because at all stages of preparation followed ancient traditions. Leavens the bread in wooden troughs, dough necessarily mesitsya manually. Bake it in a wood-fired stone oven, only used live fire. The entire process takes an average of about 36 hours. More than a hundred years ago, our ancestors baked bread in the same way on a hot hearth.

In Jurmala, a large number of SPA-hotels. They offer a course of treatments. On the shore of the Gulf of Riga is not just the air fresh and clean, He splendidly invigorating and healing. Surely, that is why creative people like to relax in the elegant hotel by the sea called Baltic Beach Hotel Spa & Resort. She is the only one in Jurmala has five stars, as well as the title of the best SPA-Hotel Baltic region. There you can provide more 400 types of procedures. In order for the client to get the maximum enjoyment and benefit, Certified professionals can develop a customized wellness program for improving body, to relieve tension and stress, strengthen the immune system. Thanks to the huge 25-meter pool with warm sea water, even in winter you can take a dip in the Baltic Sea. Strengthen the immune system, save for many years to help health treatments from the famous healing mud. Another hotel under the name of «Jrmala SPA» can offer you more 100 different procedures: Massage for relaxation, beauty treatments for face and body, manicure and pedicure, hairdresser, baths and pools of various types and gym. You can also visit the Latvian estates - ancient residences and castles. This is a very pleasant and useful pastime. For example, famous castle Mezotne to offer a special winter program for its guests. The most popular room - Play Ball 18-19 Ages. Guests dress up in clothes of the time, enjoy the aristocratic reception and optionally can learn to dance the minuet. A lovely town to celebrate the New Year is Riga. By the end of November, he transformed: the squares are set dressed Christmas tree, colored lights and garlands complete the festive atmosphere. Steeped Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Add a special mood Fair: in the heart of Riga there are small houses, that sell souvenirs and gifts. With songs are heard everywhere, music and joyous laughter. Another unusual route to the city - holiday tree in the old town. In the National Opera and the Great Guild with 28 on 30 December Christmas concerts are held. If you want to dive into the rhythms of the dance, visit the Latvian National Opera, it offers beautiful tango, Slavic songs and mischievous overture. Riga has to offer a lot of memorable places to celebrate the New Year, for example, jewel of architecture 19 century - Art Museum "Riga Bourse". Here you will plunge into a world of magic and art. The Radisson Blu themed balls, dedicated to the New Year. A great place for the most magical night of the year are considered DaAntonio restaurants and Le Dome. If Christmas vacation you decide to quietly and peacefully - nothing could be better Jurmala, the most beautiful and romantic Baltic resort. For dessert - видео о Латвии = uTqOb-oru9M

3 thoughts on “Winter holidays in Latvia

  1. Анжела

    In Latvia in winter driving, in the year. Hill liked Gaizinkalns, the highest, You can ride up late, track highlights. We went in the winter park in Riga. Especially delighted the, Ice Sculpture Festival, people gather there from around the world. Sculptures reach up to three meters. In Latvia you can relax and have something to look.

  2. elena

    I liked the restaurant in Riga bistro – “LIDO” – prepared on the spot, variety of dishes, the buffet, Choose what you like! Riga, this is truly a place worth visiting!

  3. diego

    Yes. Латвия вызывает интерес не только как страна бывшая республикой советского союза. Удивительное преобразование за столь короткий период времени. В том числе и в плане ценностей. Хотел уточнить еще одну вещь -может к то в курсе. Слухи-то слухами. Unless someone knows the answer for sure, is it true that in Riga public transport free of charge for all categories including tourists from neighboring countries?


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