In what hotel to stay?

How long have you visited the capital of Ukraine? If, however, quite a long time, then it should still go and come. In just a few years, Kiev has grown and become more beautiful, What was once. Due to some events in Kiev,on the street Grushevskogo, on Independence Square, and Khreshchatyk, new monuments to the heroes of Ukraine. These streets have become inspiring and when you walk on them, I feel an inexplicable freedom. All this, thanks to the common folk, who put his heart and soul and all your strength for the restoration of these wonderful streets. If you prefer not to walk in the fresh air, as for example in any mall, we'll tell you about one of them. One of the new, Kiev, shopping centers is «Ocean Plaza» - it is the largest shopping center of Kiev. Huge, nice and cozy center combines all the, that at first glance to combine, practically, impossible. This unusual form center, crowded various boutiques, which there, by the way, about three hundred. There, You can find clothes for every taste and for any event, be it a wedding or a friend's birthday day. acceptable prices, in principle, as in all the other boutiques and malls. Walking on all floors, you will want to eat. And then this is no problem, the territory of the plaza 30 restaurants of various cuisines, that you will not be able to please. can rest, viewing any movie, in a good eight-screen cinema. A gold mine of this center is, so-called, "Golden Quarter". Это место, where all of the finest jewelry collected, as the Ukrainian masters, and foreign. Everything else they sell a huge number of watches, jewelry and gifts, for both men, and for the ladies. The highlight is a huge aquarium in volume 350 thousands of liters, where about a thousand nautical pets live. A feature of this aquarium is a huge number of sharks of various sizes and types. If you, all the same have decided to come to Kiev, then you must visit this mall. Such a positive place, nowhere else in the world. Book hotels in Kiev, to date, very easily and naturally. To, To book a room, mount it in google "hotel Kiev". You can also write, simply by changing the words in some places "Kiev hotel". You will get a huge list, where you can stay for a few days, for a decent price and with a good serve. You can also use the link. Так что, collect bags, take all the necessary, and spend shopping, relax and cultural time, you will already have, in the capital.

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