The authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to provide tourists with a unique opportunity to be present during the eruption of the restive volcano in Africa. Nyamulagira wakes up every few years, and can be up to several days to several months. The longest eruption began in 1991 year and ended in 1993 g. On the territory of the Virunga National Park specially invited volcanologist, professional to determine a safe place for tourists observe the volcano.
Spectacular show of lava fountains, soars to a height of 200 meters, looks fantastic, especially at night.
Photos of Volcano in Congo

And so looks the volcano at night in Congo


The expedition for exclusive photographic portraits against a fiery presentation is 300 dollars and takes about four hours.

Dessert for today - video of the eruption of a volcano in Congo

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9 thoughts on “Photos and videos of the eruption of a volcano in Congo

  1. Nadine

    I've always wanted to look at this exciting action. I would like to go to such an extreme tour, probably, adrenaline rolls!

  2. Sergei

    It would be great to take a look at the fascinating spectacle – eruption live!And to feel the same feelings , that suffered by the people of the legendary Pompeii.

  3. Olga

    Really, night volcano in the Congo is particularly impressive. The image looks like a big lake of fire, first and did not think, this volcano crater.

  4. Dmitry

    Izverzhenie to volcano, very beautiful phenomenon, especially, if you watch at night, good marketing move of the Government of Congo!

  5. Vera

    And my girlfriend went, says, nothing special, well, nicely of course, but there is also a need to reach, but it is quite tedious))

  6. Anastasia

    Spectacular show,although, that being on a seismically active area is very opasno.No for such great shots is worth it.

  7. РоманБ

    Well, это уж совсем на любителя – и на вулкан ездить смотреть, да и в Конго вообще…

  8. Anna

    Volcano is high, but it's worth it! Еще до вулкана можно видеть как из под земли прорывается дым. Можно нанять местных, что бы помогли добраться наверх, но мы не стали рисковать и взяли тур от pole pole safaris, с нами всегда была охрана и нормальная еда. Плюс нам помогали нести вещи если были такие длинные восхождения! Потому что внизу жарко, а вот наверху и перчатки пригодилась и теплая куртка.


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