The best diving resorts 2012 year

The best diving resorts 2013 year

It is no secret, that diving is of the mind rest, you can engage in all year round. Nonetheless, the most popular period for swimming under water we have traditionally considered winter, and the most popular resorts, adapted for diving - Thailand and Egypt. Among the "hot" destinations in the world - underwater caves, coral reefs, graveyard of sunken ships and ice castles. Let's take a more detailed look at, where in the world will find a true diver's paradise. So, item number one - Maldives. Surely, it is - one of the most popular diving resorts. This scattering of islands, which stretches into the waters of the Indian Ocean, has long been a favorite place for divers. Here are the luxury spa hotels, that, like a magnet, draws here soak stars of this magnitude, Like Kate Moss, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, David Bekhэm and George Michael. The most better visibility (the order of 30-40m) Maldives falls on the winter. True, depending on the direction of flow, it may change. At all, fairly strong currents are a hallmark of the local diving. This is due to currents in the Maldives, there are about 900 species of tropical fish, among them - butterfly fish, angelfish, sea ​​turtles, wrasses, huge schools of barracudas, Tunas, and the shark - reef and whale. Original symbol of the Maldives is mottled fish-clown triggerfish. But at the same time, currents due to diving in the Maldives is recommended only for professionals and experienced divers. Though, Here you can still find places, adapted for teaching beginners. The next resort, about the features that we'll - Philippines. This is - truly a paradise on earth - the most beautiful tropical islands, located between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Philippines is considered the discoverer of the famous Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Mogellan. This resort - the ideal place for those wishing to go diving. The most appropriate time to do so - the period from December to April (This season is considered the driest time of the year). As for visibility, that in these islands, it reaches as much as 40 m. Choosing the Philippines for diving, make no mistake, that the diversity of the underwater world - landscapes and numerous marine life - will not leave you indifferent. Here you'll find a large number of wrecks during World Ship, Tank and samolёtov, coral wall, alluring underwater caves. By the way, namely the Philippines, you can see rare blue gorgonians, white coral, sea ​​snakes, morays, Stingray, turtles and dolphins, and the hammerhead shark, whale sharks and sea turtles. Also, Here is found another rare animal - the sea cow (also known as "dugong"). The most popular places for diving in the Philippines are considered Subic bays and Coron, рифы Туббатаха и Апо-риф. Cave is a real kingdom Mexico. Here is the Yucatan Peninsula, famous for its cave-diving. they say, that here is the most longest underwater cave system in the world, given that, that all underwater underground heritage of Mexico did not fully investigated. Braves, who decided to go diving in Mexico, waiting for an incredible diving in a cenote, travel intricate underwater tunnels, galleries. Moreover, lovers of sea elements can see the huge stalagmites and stalactites. Among the aquatic life you meet the dolphins, Turtles, sharks and many species of exotic fish. By the way, if you're lucky, be able to see Katie Holmes and Bill Geist - they are - even those lovers of Mexican resorts. No less attractive place for diving is considered to be the island of Cozumel, Located in the Caribbean Sea. Here you will find schools of barracuda, hugest lobsters, groupers, and "Elephant Ear" - The world's largest marine sponge. In winter, when the rainy season is over, visibility reaches about 30-40 m, allowing divers to easily enjoy the astounding Mexican underwater world. By the way, if you want a break from the sea, In Mexico you can easily find for himself and other entertainment, for example - overland tour in the jungle, in the search for remnants of civilization maya. If in the winter you do decide to "stay in winter", but from swimming are not going to give up, the perfect solution for you will be the Russian White Sea, where you can go ice-diving. If you doubt the prestige or the interestingness of this type of swimming, throw away all doubts: in 2008 году 'Guardian' (British magazine) made ice-diving in the White Sea in the list 10 the most extreme adventures. By choosing swimming under the ice in Russia, You can enjoy the view of the ice bar, Fault, and also look at the inhabitants of the White Sea - flounder, fish-pinogor, catfish, hermit crabs, etc. If desired, you can dive into the deep and see lying on the bottom of the sea fishing boats. As for visibility, here it is not far behind in the sight of famous resorts in the world, and is 25-50 meters. Getting ready to dive, Be prepared to, that in winter the temperature ranges from the White Sea -0.5 ?To C -3? with. Prior to the dive site you will be taken to the special snowmobile, directly on the ice will break camp, equipped with a wardroom and pereodevalki. In addition there is a diving and other fun stuff: you will be able to contemplate the famous Northern Lights, The winter fishing, watch the seals and chat with polar dolphins - belugas. Generally, Ice diving - a kind of exotic for those, who is not afraid of the harsh Russian winter!

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  1. Sergei

    I agree,diving unmatched and unique type of holiday! Exotic and charming beauty of the underwater world,unexplored places,wrecks and a variety of the inhabitants of this kingdom, that can compare with this?

  2. Chris

    For me the best diving in the Red Sea, because it is relatively quiet in terms of natural disasters, yes, and the price is cheaper to stay in Egypt.

  3. elena

    Diving, it's just not with the incomparable pleasure! Been diving for several years and I love this thing. Of course in diving, very much depends on the equipment. But, this is a wonderful sport!


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