Russian tourists came in third place in the world by visiting the Seychelles. They are ahead of only the French and German counterparts. This was based on the results of the first three months of this year, said the National Bureau of Statistics of Seychelles. During this time, have visited here 3,5 thousands of our compatriots. Respectively, French was 7 thousands, and the Germans - 4,3 thousands of people. In general, in the past year, these heavenly places to visit 8,8 thousands of Russians. Behind them on the number of visits followed by Italians, South African citizens and British.

Exclusive pictures of Seychelles: The influx of tourists to the Seychelles is also observed from China and Hungary. For our visitors is important and what, which is valid up to 30 days do not require a visa.

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive photo of Seychelles 2012

  1. Алла

    Seychelles- fabulous location. It is here that I have not had. Immediately wanted to spend the holidays with your loved one.

  2. Наталья

    Among the people I know nobody has been in Seychelles. What a beauty and wonderful crab! My dream is to visit, but what is the price of such beauty?

  3. Marina

    Я просто в восторге от фотографий! Какая же там красотища на Сейшельских островах! Теперь у меня появилась мечта всей моей жизни – ХОЧУ НА СЕЙШЕЛЫ!!!

  4. Oleg

    Wonderful place! Wonderful views, atmosphere seemed specifically designed for complete relaxation from the city. This here is a kind of paradise for land. Sun, sea, good humor provided!

  5. Tatiana

    Seychelles – it's just a fabulous place. Only one minus, it's a long flight.
    Although Seychelles is worth it, here is just gorgeous ocean, but it is evident from the picture. Have something to see, you can enjoy climbing the mountains. And of course, also make fabulous photos.

  6. Irene

    Сейшельские острова-это же просто райское место, особенно идеально для молодоженов, там даже в отелях на островах предлагают специальные условия и скидки для молодоженов.


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