Cuba - a communist country, which is most commonly associated with the name of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Liberty Island, as it is often called the world's, primarily attracts visitors beautiful beaches, clear sea and numerous coral reefs. On are plenty of noisy carnivals and festivals fiery Latin dance. A particular success enjoyed on vacation in Cuba eco-tourism, which is primarily communicating with the relatively pristine nature. The doors of this country open to the public all year round. Cuba - visa country. Throughout 7 days visa is issued at the Embassy, cost 30 USD.

The climate is tropical in Cuba. All year round there is a high humidity, and the temperature is kept at 25-28 degrees, so that the swimming season lasts the whole year. The country clearly reflects the two climatic seasons: rainy (май-октябрь) and dry (November-April). The average water temperature +26 with.

In Cuba, a lot of natural white sandy beaches. On the north coast is the famous black sand beach. All the beaches in Cuba, municipal, and free. The water in the sea is crystal clear and calm, since there is no turbulent flows, and coral barriers protect from strong waves. Most hotels 4 and 5 stars. Pearl of Cuba can be called a tourist center Varadero, beach, which is considered the cleanest, safe and long in the world (20 km). The center is only open to tourists, Entrance to the local population here is denied.

In Cuban cuisine is commonly used pork, which is supplied in any form - fried, boiled or stewed with vegetables. Also popular rice, chicken, beef and black bean. A special place is occupied by tropical fruits, Cubans consume in large numbers. We can not ignore the Cuban espresso coffee, which the locals drink strong and sweet.

Especially Cuba attracts lovers of the water recreation - scuba diving, fishing, walks on yachts, speed boat riding, scooters. Tourists love to visit the tobacco factories and crocodile nursery, tasting Cuban national dishes and drinks.

On vacation in Cuba can devote time to a fascinating tour of the various attractions and monuments - Morro Castle, Cathedral Square, Капитолий, a lot of castles, museums and monasteries, House Museum, in which he lived and worked Ernest Hemingway, the largest water park in America. Trinidad - a city, which is completely under the protection of UNESCO. Old Havana still fascinates all tourists with its beauty.

Leaving from vacation, it is impossible not to buy a souvenir famous Cuban cigars, rum or coffee. And bright and unusual decorations fruit seeds, Bracelets, Rowing or zakolki chёrnogo around coral or pantsirya Skull, products made of crocodile skin, Red Bull and mothers, panama and badges with the idol of the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, Local musical instruments.

For dessert – Video stay in Cuba

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11 thoughts on “Holidays in Cuba, Review and Video

  1. Vladislav

    Эх,the description shikarnoe.A place is very cool ,that swim there all year round and there is a tropical fruit…But finance is not to pull such a pleasure!

  2. Gala

    I was in Cuba, and there I was struck by two things – people are cheerful and smiling (Maybe because, they eat a lot of cocoa products, which improves mood), and a good ecological balance. And more, the stunned such a sea of ​​white sandy beach and palm trees, I have never seen in my life.

  3. Vlad

    Cuba is a great place not only for recreation , but to stay . At the time, sorry I did not go there to live with her sister ( She and her husband moved there after the wedding ) Not long ago they were at a party , and just fell in love with this place – amazing nature , Fresh air , a lot of different places of interest .

  4. Elena Ivanova

    Cuba, my dream there for a smoking byvat.Uvidet grandmother and try the Cuban rum.

  5. Eugene

    Dear visitors of this site,if there who went to Cuba ,can say whatever with hotels and catering,I have a daughter 1,5 year . My dream has always been to go to Cuba. I hope you can help me with the answer.

  6. РоманБ

    The main plus of Cuba in the region – their excellent attitude to our tourists, Friendship decades just does not pass!

    1. Ivan

      Novel. A detail what is expressed is a great attitude to our tourists? Because friendship is one decade, and the realities of life is another.

  7. Tatiana

    All the good Cuba, but it was too tedious and long flight before it. Children are definitely not worth taking

  8. Vadim

    Cuba is one of the most beautiful islands, I very much want to go there, but unfortunately the finances do not allow.


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