Extraordinary winter vacation

In search of extraordinary journeys in the winter, the Russians, undoubtedly, are the southern direction. But not all travelers prefer this holiday. One of the most amazing places to travel in the winter is the Czech Republic.Firstly, the average temperature in the winter in Prague +1 °C, and in the resort area and even higher, that, agree, very comfortable for the residents of central Russia. In- Second, and will do what: tours of the old Prague, where the majestic churches and cobbled streets immersed in the Middle Ages; a trip to Karlovy Vary, where useful sources to help improve your health. And indeed, universally good attitude to Russian tourists making the Czech Republic "Russian Europe", not to mention even of, that the Czech remotely resembles our. In recent years, tourists are increasingly focused on useful holiday - combine, for example, excursions and sport. Here it is possible, as the hilly terrain allows for international competitions. В прошлом году, for example, Step conducted here of World Cup. Cultural activities also not uncommon. This year, the number of music festivals will be held in February, as an adult, and children. So that music lovers are not bored. And supposedly they, who prefer gatherings in cozy restaurants in the good company of friends will appreciate the famous Czech beer and Becherovka. Old World geographically much smaller Russian, so there is very easy to move around. Arriving in Scandinavia, for example, you can easily in a couple of days will be able to visit several capitals, such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki. And there on the doorstep and the Baltic to Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. Winter strikes Europe. variety klimatov, cultures, языков, gastronomic preferences of anyone wanting to be satisfied one hundred percent, Fashion and Shopping, tours and resorts - all in full can be found in Europe. The close proximity and fairly simple system in obtaining visas for the residents of Russia made tours to Europe popular. therefore, whatever European country you choose, Your winter holidays will be the most unusual and memorable.    

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