The Adventures of Russian tourists abroad

The managers of travel agencies are well aware of, that customers are different: pliant, good. But Russian tourists - are special customers, because they can not say exactly, what is expected, but knows, that all should be included. However, these clients do not even have a clue, how much it should cost all, but the existence of said rebate. At the same time remind, continental breakfast that they did not fit and should only be a buffet - now, thanks to this "literacy" of our tourists do not spend. Russian tourists are very carefully prepared for overseas trip, proving the West, that were not born yesterday and did not lose face in another country. Especially carefully for the trip abroad are women. Burnt by the way of life and service problems in the home country where they want to look at an altitude of. That is why even the guide in the center of Prague, they manage to walk in high heels. In one of the temples of Budapest Hungarian elderly, chastising surrender, asked the accompanying, works exclusively with tourists from Russia: "Why do the most beautiful tourists always in your groups?"Well,, as these words may not be pleasant? When will the first time we travel abroad, is the experience of those, who managed to visit distant countries, know, so no problems to put himself in order to stock up before leaving adapters for evrorozetok. All searches are inconclusive. And although you can not just hear the calls to support the domestic manufacturer, we completely forget and do not pay attention to what, European standard that has long been settled in our apartments. So when questions like these, contact the seller of home appliances, who are the same age adjustment, They look at each other enigmatically, do not understand what it is about and write off all the seasonal obostrenie.I still to be found among those members traveling, who failed to get rid of the habit to bring their products,ru. A long time ago someone told these people, that abroad is very expensive, and the Russian people to the restaurant and not to approach. Well, Is there something, what could be more precious than money and more, Moscow than? Perhaps, Only London. A couple of years ago in a band with me traveling to the Czech Republic couple, which was equipped with a decent amount of food stocks. The couple, exhausted by the heavy cool bag, was worth, scolded that counselor, who recommended to bring as much food. Finally,, not so long ago, someone in the European Union decided to ban the import of many products. But our people are not confused, especially those, who travel around Europe by bus. They still take along a ration, which is rather designed for the army during the strike, environmental disasters, force majeure, and, if they occur at the same time. After, the guide warns, that all food stocks will be withdrawn by the Polish Customs, Tourists waiting for inspection in the truest sense of the word pushed into ourselves and our neighbors all stocks of edible, not wanting anything to give customs officers. Not hard to guess, what smells prevail in the train Brest - Terespol. The air in it - a stable complex composition, top note which is sausage with garlic, after which the aroma is replaced by the smell of smoked chicken, blue cheese and, of course, boiled eggs. Final note - this is, that was drunk with the neighbors in the compartment for "familiarity" and "for health". To be honest, After repeated border crossings in this border crossing I never once saw the process of withdrawal of Russian products by Polish customs officials. While waiting for customs and border control, which can be stretched to three hours, all have time to gorge on and the air is not as toxic in the car. Perhaps, why speshek with no inspection of? They, who rest in itself, still faced with the irresponsibility of our tourists. And the phrase "seven one does not expect", is not relevant, if this one - Russian. Turkey. Tourists arriving in anticipation of a transfer bus is filled. Everything is in place. What is missing is some Kozlov (Ivanov, Petrova). It is in the toilet. Yes, and one. And all because, what a holiday romance is in full swing. Just as in the best tradition of cinema. Все та же Турция. A group of Russian tourists in anticipation of trips, and the bus still can not touch you with a place. Reason, that one of the passengers almost hanging on the driver and begs just a couple of minutes to wait for his friend, which is about to be released. Such long two minutes of human history has never known, because they lasted half an hour. In many countries,, but not in Russia, tipping is customary to give not only the waiters, but also guides. One of my friends, who worked in Barcelona accompanying, first I could not understand, Why Spanish drivers are reluctant to serve our tourists. As it turned out later, amount of tips from Russian small, and on one salary, too, do not want to live. Indeed, some of our tourists get off the bus, averted gaze in the direction of, someone shows a basket to tip over an empty gesture with his hand. But it is fashionable to speak of Russian tourists: "We are not greedy, we have such a mentality ". Most of the tourists still go on tour directly for most trips. However, there are those, who, going to the coach tour to take care not only of his own soul, but the body, disinfecting it from the inside. Sometimes these tourists reach this level of condition, that wringing! November. Bus tour to Hungary. Under, as is usual brisk pensioner, respectable couples, single ladies and one man completely unattended. Already in Chop he got off the train, could barely stand on his feet. At a time when everyone was in the healing baths of Miskolc, man also took a bath: first from the inside, and then falling into a ditch. Compassionate Ukrainian drivers got a tourist, cleaned of leaves and dirt dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, since no other drivers have with him was not and ordered to lie quietly, but the man escaped. Looking for a few hours. He was found safe and sound. Almost the entire tour, he, like a log, lying on the back seat, periodically replenishing the body of alcohol. Ladies could not understand: Why is this man here? Passing by a former Soviet military base would-be tourist guide brightened and asked to speak louder. As it turned out, He served in these parts. That's what people do with nostalgia. At times, Russian and guides can delight locals. It was in Dresden. The group did not accept the comment guide: «Left - Frauenkirhe, straight - Zwinger. An hour later at the same place you will have to wait for the bus ". People obviously want to know more about the city. The most daring began to resent. Guide, realizing the seriousness of the situation, gripped with questions in an elderly couple, that on its head has decided to take a stroll along the promenade Elbe River on Sunday evening. Apparently tourists do not bode good, and maybe the guide was very unhappy face, but an hour Honourable Mr. totally free to conduct tours, and his wife bred all, who needed, for toilets. The couple, maybe, is a long way to forget that fateful Sunday evening. Buffet - the only way to survive abroad to budget travelers from Russia. Given the mentality of compatriots, Buffet is a real salvation from starvation. Many Russian tourists assortment of buffet can determine the entire diet for the day. In the course of not only sandwiches and fruit, but boiled eggs, that our fellow citizens are famished mercilessly beaten on the bus armrests. Probably, in the heart of every Russian man lives Bender, as adventurism may wake up totally unexpected, and may, necessity is the mother of invention? Prague, Wenceslas Square. There is a dining room buffet - an institution, which was created for budget travelers. At the entrance of a stack of trays and receipts, one of which will become your account. You go up and take yourself and then, both, and then head to the racks with food. That, that you want to taste, put on a tray, and the employee records the institution in receipt of the cost of meals. Must pay on exit, After that, ate as, presenting that same receipt. In the view of Russian tourists - this is the real communism. A moment later, one of our tourists visit the idea, what, going to take a few pieces of paper can be, and the employee each time to present another, and you can pay at the exit of the, wherein said amount is less than. Is such a thought never occurred to the owners of establishments? Apparently, No, а все потому, he has a different mentality. In general, the behavior of our people abroad already a legend. We can surprise anyone. Here's, For example, event in Munich, in the most famous beer in the world "Hofbräuhaus", Halls, which occupy large areas. Prices are high, but also the availability hardly find. Russian tourists visit this place for, to feel the real Bavarian atmosphere. Ordering is done, explained on the fingers. Bring, but not the. Someone at the table to eat it agrees, that brought. When it comes time to pay the bill, one lady, do not hesitate, pulls out of the bodice purse, beaded, counts down the required amount and sends it back into place. And it is not often a picture can be seen! Many cafes in Europe, to go to the toilet, need to pass a special machine, that it is protected, dropping a coin into a slot. After a symbolic fee door opens. But is our people will pay, when given the opportunity not to do? Russian tourists often go to the toilet the whole formation, forming a decent queue. No luck so, who appears at the beginning of the queue, because one person has to pay, As it turns out, for all. Because as soon as the door is opened to exit it "dives" next Russian tourist. The joy of the Russian people at this time is comparable to, if they returned not less than the cost of permits. But above them also sometimes laugh. Budapest - a city, in which the main problem is the language barrier. One of the popular pastry with the interior and the culinary traditions of the nineteenth century. Every visitor to the hostess welcoming smiles. In the queue in front of me are Germans, with which the hostess fluent in German. I think that, how fortunate, as the knowledge of the German language quite allow to order: «Битте, ain ain Schwarzwald und cappuccino ". After ordering my landlady nods, smiling in fluent Russian, asks me to sit down at the table! Adventure-Russian tourists to the boundaryIt takes place in Hungary in a small restaurant on the shore of Lake Balaton. In the hall quietly couple dines, and we have a lot of noise from us and correspondingly more. Ordering Wine, then the ear, then wine, goulash, wine again. Knowing, that the Hungarians do not understand Russian, then in many expressions were not shy. After dinner, pair up and wants us to enjoy your meal. In Russian. There was silence associated with a scene from "The Inspector General". Someone asks, why the couple did not immediately admitted, that from Russian? To which they replied, it was nice to hear the real Russian speech. Practice shows, that some elements of the Russian language abroad are familiar not only fellow. We can not always look at ourselves, but anyone can write a lot of examples with similar stories. And, despite all that we love abroad, more precisely, suffer. After all, we have so many, and each of us a generous soul. We are different from the others, and since the fall of the Iron Curtain, abroad know and understand, that the Russian people - the customer is special.

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  1. Alexander

    About “adventures” Russian tourists to the world of legends, funny stories, Jokes! Even in the good old movie “The Diamond Arm” there catch phrase: “Russo tourist crowd as he had @ naibolee “clearly characterizes” our fellow citizens.

  2. Dennis

    It is very sad that in most cases becomes ashamed of Russian tourists. Sometimes even that you come to Turkey for example, and when they find out that you are from Russia all the working staff look at you as an alcoholic and a rebel, it is not very nice. And then we wonder why Russia is – hat with ear flaps, vodka and bears

  3. Radix

    Here vot.Nedelyu flew back from Turkey. The locals themselves approached and treated in Russian with the question:”And if we did not bring with them Russian vodka”. In Turkey, its love. And the language has become to them as our own. But in general they appreciate us, where they are without our financial effects.

  4. elena

    Интересно, that interferes with our fellow citizen, behave a little more cultured. Интересно, and when they come to visit, also act as uncivilized!


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