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On the eve of holidays, each of us wondering - exactly where he would have to rest, and how much it will cost is a pleasure. If you do not have to buy last minute, then surely you have heard the expression that is. What does it mean, and how justified the purchase of the burning stages? We all plan their holidays in different ways. Someone vacation negotiated for six months before it starts, and some not so much tied to specific dates. Here and there the opportunity to purchase a hot tour. Do not be afraid to buy LAST MINUTE. After all, the meaning of this phenomenon is not the word - cheap( that many people associate with the word "poor quality"), in a word - it is cheaper. Sometimes it is much cheaper, than originally cost tour, Discounts range up sometimes 50 percent of the initial value. Whence do such attractive terms? The complexity of the tourism market is always, that can not be thoroughly predict demand and supply in the tourism product. Each tour operator before the start of pre-season pays rooms in hotels, as well as space on charter flights, based on the fact, that all permits will be implemented. therefore, if the demand for a specific date lower than expected, a reduction in the cost of the tour, and sometimes such a permit is sold virtually at cost, that is, "burning". Such proposals appear, Usually, closer to the departure, If the country visa-free, As Egypt or Turkey - That in just a day or two before the holiday. It is difficult to predict and the emergence of hot tours. Of course, there are certain tendencies - in low season, last minute deals will be more, higher than. What do these terms mean? Low season in each country - is its, a certain period of the year, when the demand for tours to these destinations below standard. For example, the beginning and end of the swimming season in Montenegro and Croatia, winter and early spring in Turkey, the hottest summer months in Egypt - when tourists prefer other areas with a milder climate, the period from April to October in Thailand - the so-called rainy season, and so on. High season - a period, when the demand for permits, Popular hotel and tickets for flights is very high. This Christmas period, New Year and May Day, Date, which account for children's holidays, and July-August, time, when the majority of our countrymen is going on vacation. therefore, look hot tour in high demand period - a thankless and almost useless. If you have the opportunity to go on leave at any convenient time, and wherein, of course, want to save money - we recommend that you contact the nearest travel agency, specializing in working with databases and hot tours to all tourist operators. As Chain stores burning permits, for example, and a number of other. There you will be able to voice all their basic needs and to rest requirements, leave a phone number, to the agency employee can contact you in case of a burning tour. Anyway, We wish you only the brightest and most pleasant impressions of your travels!

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