Эta nepodrazhaemaya Barcelona!

Second (after the capital) Spain city, Barcelona, He wins his inimitably. Here come the history buffs, culture, fashion and music. БарселонаBarcelona and boasts excellent beaches stretching more 4 km, So отдых в Барселоне будет наполнен не только потрясающими экскурсиями,but also a relaxed swim in the gentle Mediterranean sea and sunbathing under the hot Spanish sun. Great love tourists is La Rambla, where mobile theaters arranged, "Living statues", galleries, musicians. No less loved by tourists (and even by the people themselves) Gothic Quarter. many medieval buildings are concentrated here, and bars, cafes and cheap hotels. Particularly noteworthy museums of Barcelona, Some even call it the city of museums. Tourists also often have a preference for Picasso Museum. Barcelona - a city with a special atmosphere. Picasso worked here, Dali, chrism. Many are ready to go to Barcelona for the sake of, to see the creations of the great Gaudi. The first work of the master of gothic and reflect a peculiar Catalan style. Tourists show performed in a special sculpture style park Guell, La Pedrera and,Of course, the world-famous Sagrada Familia, the unfinished. This architectural masterpiece is so unlike anything else in the world, that many have called the genius of Gaudi architecture on a scale comparable to the Leonardo da Vinci painting or Einstein in physics. The cathedral is stunning not only for its sheer size and bizarre intertwined forms, but also, and even inexpressible organically looks alive. No less interesting is the cathedral both inside and fascinates visitors literally everyone - from the use of colors and the play of light, to the most interesting and powerful forms, columns and scale. Many who have ever seen it is truly a miracle of light is said that he had never seen anything like it on the planet. Pictures do not convey a hundredth part of what you can see firsthand. In Barcelona, ​​it is also worth a visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Cathedral La Seu, Olympic Museum, Church Sagrat Cor, which is famous boys' choir. Heart of Barcelona called Plaza Catalunya, where the "House without corners" Gaudi, Drassanes medieval shipyards, National Palace, Barcelona Exhibition Center, Columbus Monument and other attractions. Catalans are extremely friendly people. They are so welcoming and attentive, that tourists can feel at home. A local cuisine will leave a lasting impression: spices and aromatic herbs, fresh produce and olive oil will certainly. Going to the capital of Catalonia, предварительно обязательно изучите каталог отелей Барселоны и выберете для себя наиболее подходящий.

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