Абель Тасман, New Zealand. Рассказ путешественника

Park Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Morning foreshadowed sunny day. We planned to visit the Abel Tasman National Park - the tiny National Park New Zealand, which is located on the northern tip of the South Island. We were taken by boat to the "desert island". Five hours ascents and descents we 3 once caught in the rain, twice in the shower and seen a double rainbow over the gaming gold foreshore. The New Zealand air was filled with lots of delicate shades of moss roses smell, wetted trunks of giant ferns, Peer of the Mesozoic Era, mixed with the smells of the boundless ocean.

Suddenly, with the highest point opened a magical view of the ocean from the golden beaches of serene Tasman Bay. I've seen a lot of yellow flowers of coastal sand, dark, brown, but this color, gold, was unique.

Surprisingly, four weeks traveling around New Zealand, it seemed to us a little. This country - from another world, country of snow-capped volcanoes and craters of ancient forests. Having driven the car about five thousand miles, We visited all four seasons - on the tops and glaciers, which fell three meters of snow, down at the foothills, where bloomed magnolia and mimosa, in the valleys, where the yellowed grass lying around the silent mirror lakes, and to the north - of the vast sunlit green meadows with grazing herds and orange trees.

Photos of Abel Tasman, New Zealand. Абель Тасман, Новая Зеландия. Абель Тасман, Новая Зеландия. Абель Тасман, Новая Зеландия.   Видео Абель Тасман, New Zealand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J3yQzLlYCk

5 thoughts on “Park Abel Tasman, New Zealand

  1. Elekoshka

    What a magical place with amazing nature. Very interested. I would like to know more about the local people.


  2. Helen

    New Zealand is a paradise on earth, if you want to go there , it is necessary to prepare in advance. Visa is the average 14-25 Days, validity 30 Days . For 30 days you can see a lot of interesting and beautiful places. True cost of all this is not a small, but it's worth it.


  3. Leonid

    If I'm ever in New Zealand, then be sure to visit the Abel Tasman Park, because the description I really liked it.



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