Rest in Kas (Turkey)

One of the many and the most charming resort Turkey You can call the seaside Kash, located at the southernmost point of the Lycian coast, in the provinces of Antalya.

City pressed against the limestone mountains and gently lowered to the Mediterranean. The town escaped the severe consequences of the influx of tourists, suffered by the resorts plains. And in the midst of summer, when all the tourist resorts are teeming with visitors, Kash looks ordinary small Turkish town, that makes a stay in Kas more enjoyable and avoid unnecessary hassles. A winter Kash will make you feel so, if you - a local resident, and not a visiting holidaymaker.

The town center is interlaced with numerous narrow streets. Before the twenties of the last century, the town was inhabited by Greek fishermen. Now, there are bars, cafe, Boutique and canteens with suvenirami.Do island Mays, belonging to Greece, Only six kilometers.


The story of the best beaches of the world would not be complete without a description of the beaches Porridge. Beaches with warm and smooth pebbles, pale turquoise water colors, Clean and Clear, which is not present on one of the Mediterranean resorts. Regardless of the variety of local fauna is small, Diving courses are very popular on the Kas: in the coastal zone, there are many ships, sunk during the various wars. Tourists, who vacation in Kas, offer mountain hikes, Research canyons and gorges, paragliding lessons and sea kayaking, various excursions around the sunken Lycian city.

In Kas almost preserved ancient ruins. True, is a temple of the time of the Greeks, Built in 323 BC. and theater (those same years of construction), recently renovated. History Porridge measured millennia, because before it was called Antifellos, ancient Lycian city.Near 30th years of the nineteenth century in Kas was just a little little houses and customs, Now it is - a great resort.

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