Video tour on Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island is located in the Arctic Ocean at the junction of the East Siberian and Chukchi Seas. This small piece of land, an area of ​​only 7600 km2 to 1924 , he was a disputed territory. Right of possession ego osparivali England, Russia and the U.S.. However, disputes were not aggressive. Apparently, this was due to the fact, that the island is located in a very harsh climate. It owes its name eminent navigator, Russian subject Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel. However discovered this island Englishman Henry Kellett. It was he 1849 for the first time struck him on the map, Although the team did not go ashore. AT 1881 year island American expedition landed Calvin Hooper and installed it on the national flag of the United States. Then the country was very weak and could not defend their interests by force. Therefore, when 1911 , a team of Russian icebreaker "Vaygach" hoisted the banner of the islands of the Russian Empire, This fact was, as it were, and not seen. AT 1921 , England remembered that a remote island and declared it their territory. Two years later, it did the same thing the U.S.. But 1924 , a Soviet gunboat "Red October" came to the shores of the core Wrangel, and the team hoisted the flag of the country it Councils. Since then, the island was left behind by the Soviet Union, and later for the Russian Federation.

AT 1926 in the island of Wrangel began her regular job polar station Ushakovskoe. It lasted until 1994 year. Since her disappearance, Wrangel Island was uninhabited. People left, but nature has remained. Now the island is recognized as reserve, and UNESCO made it to their lists.

1-of the most-beautiful-ostrovov.-Wrangel Island, The climate is very severe. The polar night lasts from November to January. In winter, the wind blowing strong and are very strong frosts. Wrangel Island comes to life only during the short summer months. The tundra is covered with flowers, many birds flock here, at the same time, there is the offspring polar bears. The island contains the largest rookery of Pacific walrus, which consists of about a hundred thousand individuals. And yet there remained the last Asian nesting snow geese. Most of the colonies nowhere. Scientists claim, chto the island Vrangelya veins poslednie the plan mamontы. Preserved here and the remains of the ancient camp of people. They are related to the 1750 years BC.

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10 thoughts on “Video tour on Wrangel Island

  1. AlexB

    Вот где нужно отдыхать : тундра, polar night, and then used to civilized resorts

  2. Pitermike

    Sorry, that so far located, but I would like to go there – right “Sannikov Land” some!

  3. Barbara

    Interestingly, I would like to go there, given the fact, that the island was uninhabited, then look at these landscapes more interesting.

  4. Саня

    Суровый край! Well, что там трудные условия. Хоть первозданная природа сбереглась. Но скоро туда доберется цивилизация. И будет – “как всегда”.

  5. Vlad

    Да уж первозданная природа навевает какое то романтическое настроение,
    да и то что цивилизация не добралась сюда уже говорит о красоте этих мест.

  6. Maxim

    отличное место для экологического отдыха! И не нужны никакие мегаполисы!

  7. Natusya

    Остров Врангеля – красивая дикая природа. Каменистые горы и мало растительности, вот он Север.

  8. Sergei

    Очень класно отдохнули. Я там тоже был. Впечатления не забываемые.

  9. Тимоха Богдан

    Путешествуя на этот остров можно набрать целую коллекцию острых ощущений. Это вам не Таиланд не курорты Египта. Такую красоту не каждому дано увидеть. Крайний Север будет постоянно вас манить к себе.

  10. Galina

    Неужели еще есть места, где не орудовал современный человек. Посмотреть бы на эту красоту летом.


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