Water trip on the Nile

Egypt beckons for decades and attracts tourists. Recently, a new engine - water trip on the Nile. More precisely this route is quite old: for the first time since the British aristocratic family fun. Today, this service is available and Russian tourists. In addition to highly comfortable hotels and fabulous beaches of the Red Sea, Tourists can book, as a group, and personal journey through the world's longest river - the Nile. A couple of years ago, the service has lost its credibility, as the tourists were extremely unhappy with the, that the ship was changing right before sailing. In this class of ship is determined by the stars, although not always the quality and level of service actually answered. Russian tourism market last year of service firms ships «Royal Ruby» and «Grand Princess». These ferries meets all technical requirements, comfortable and able to organize the rest of the Nile. Throughout the journey accompanied by Russian-speaking tourist guide. The advantage of the collective water trip on the Nile in the, that all questions, that arise during the voyage, solved by this person. If the individual has to travel a variety of issues addressed independently. Today, there are several types of routes: Some begin in Luxor, and end in Aswan, or vice versa. Last trip takes five days (of them 4 the night on the ship), and going from Luxor, journey will take one day less. The most comfortable way to rest in the water is traveling combination with a beach holiday. For this and most geographically, and pricing approaches resort Hurghada. Is exactly what is now offering many leisure travel companies. For something more relaxing pastime, you can stay on the island of Mars Alema. Beauty of the place attracts tourists: not only deserted beaches, clean sand and warm sea water, but the corals, that bloom just a meter away from the shore. K-pharaohs-on-parome1The estimated cost of water travel for two: tour + relaxing on the beach + Accommodation on the ferry is about 1000 USD, with the journey lasts 10 Days. The cost of ferry travel is 300 USD, regardless of cabins, because the ship they are all the same. Of course, that such a tour on the Nile can be purchased directly at the resort, but the money for the hotel stay no return, even if the tourist is not resident in the long-term. The initial port city of Aswan is 6 часах езды от Хургады. That place is amazing, that can be seen and deserted beaches, and dunes, but people live here. Manifestation of civilization are only satellite dishes. Approaching the coast, tourists a view of the variety of flowering gardens. You can also see the banana groves, fields of cabbage and tomato nurseries, as well as these forests, overflowing with flowering mango trees. Only 10 kilometers away from the road lies the border with Nubia desert. Even during the reign of the pharaohs famous shopping area intersections. It housed the huge bazaars, where you could buy gold, ivory, ornamentation, fruit and even granite for construction of the new Egyptian cities. Personal tour of the ethnic style can spend and Native. In this case, the whole journey will take place in a wooden cart, which is decorated with ancient Egyptian designs. Choosing a trip on the Nile, tourists have the opportunity to further a romantic evening for yourself. For this rented boat "felucca" with a curved sail. In the Nile Delta has many islands, you can visit, reaching only on this boat. This Elephant Island, Island Plants. Last known for its botanical garden, who gathered in one place almost all known tropical plants and the largest global collection of palms. Attracts tourists and sacred places of Egypt, especially the temple of Abu Simbel. It is located to the south of Aswan in the distance 300 Kilometers. Excursion quite specific: Besides, what for it is necessary to separately pay, rise occurs in 3 hours nochi. In this case, the tourists have the opportunity to see the sunrise in the desert. Not far from the border with Sudan, is a famous monument of the ancient world - the temple of Ramses II. Near the temple of Queen Nefertari, who was his faithful wife for many years. Temple Ramsesu unikalen nature, as built into the rock. The facade of the building is decorated with 4 huge statues. The depth of the church - 65 Metres away. In an age of civilization and the "pacification" of the Nile waters, the church was threatened by the flooding started construction of the dam. It was decided to move it to 60 meters above the level of Lake Nasser. To do this, it was dismantled, and then lay down in the same form, as it was and to "move". There is a legend, that the birthday of Pharaoh Ramses sunbeam miraculously gets into the temple, and gradually covers all 4 Statues. The greatest amount of light reaches the 20-meter statue of the pharaoh. See the temple of Isis recommend the evening, having made an excursion to it by Felucca. According to legend,, her love saved her husband Osiris: goddess collected all the remains on the ground and a miracle happened - he is risen. In the evening, here goes outstanding laser music show. Ship arrives in Luxor - a place, where a huge number of ancient monuments and tombs. To see the city, need almost a week. But a couple of days to visit all the great places.

For dessert - видео путешествия по Нилу http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1ZGSHc8SJw

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  1. Sergei

    Video travel on the Nile I was so inspired, I myself wanted to get on such a journey. I hope so, what happens once.

  2. Catherine

    Yeah….cruises have become obsolete, moved tourists on the Nile. Honestly, if not for the video – I would not believe, that there might be a really nice and fun. It frightens only the quality of boats and in the presence of alligators “the longest river in the world”.

  3. Dennis

    daa..a I thought that in Egypt only the beach and sand))
    in sleduyshy just fine on the Nile Spin)

  4. Артем

    Very tempting tour, a ride on the Nile. Down the river, which formed the whole country Egypt. After all, if it were not for this mighty river, channel network, based on spills, we would not know about the ancient civilization. Swim and feel the greatness of its very interesting. I think, worth seeing.

  5. Anna

    I do not even guessed, in Egypt to organize such travel! It would be interesting to use this program, but I am afraid, A what 10 day stay on the ferry could not bear.


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