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Mountaineering - this sport, in which a man, overcoming obstacles, conquer any vertex. In humans, engage in this sport is gradually formed a strong character, the ability to quickly make the right decisions, a sense of responsibility for the actions of his and his team. Therefore, we can safely say, that mountaineering - sport for the, who want to improve themselves. Topics, who are just mastering the climbing technique it is recommended to train under the guidance of an experienced instructor, to avoid common mistakes and their subsequent repetition. Some beginners are often involved in outside the designated places and, Usually, unattended trainer. What does it lead, not hard to guess. Bruises and injuries - this is the best, sometimes such than end workout. Of great importance for this type of sport is safety, organizations which should be given due consideration. At the initial stage, as long as you are not yet familiar with the basic rules of mountaineering, them to explain in detail the instructor. security question - the most important. It can not be neglected by any rule, even if it seems trivial at first. Well-organized insurance - one of the keys to success in this sport. There are various types of mountaineering: rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain climbing, etc.. d. In the classroom mountaineering You will learn about them, as well as get acquainted with carabiner, rappels (eight), Jumar and other special devices. natural trails, of course, knitting harder training. Because, here and there "living stones", and on the climbing success is also influenced by the structural features of rocks, weather. If you already have the appropriate knowledge and experience guided trails, you can go to the Urals, Altai and Sayan. Here you will greatly help the knowledge, that you received in the classroom. If you train in the team, important to remember, that reach a height can not be without her correct and teamwork. Впоследствии можно превратить альпинизм в свою профессию: engaged in rescue work at height or industrial mountaineering. Such specialists are particularly in demand at the moment: always and everywhere we need people, possess skills to work with climbing equipment (from the restoration of buildings and window cleaners to bridge construction and painting of the Eiffel Tower). exercising, You improve yourself, because in mountaineering, as in life - all in your hands. Just need to find her top, because everyone is their own.

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